Every three years, a team of industry experts, public advocates, and local community representatives visit each CIAC member and partner company to interview its senior managers and employees. The verification team looks for answers to three key questions:


Is the company meeting the expectations outlined in the Responsible Care® Codes?


Is an effective management system in place that supports Responsible Care, and drives continuous improvement in all areas?


Is the company’s commitment to the Responsible Care Ethic and Principles for Sustainability tangible, and does it guide the company’s judgment, decisions, and actions internally and externally?

The verification team then prepares a report summarizing its conclusions, identifying opportunities for improvement, pointing out any areas requiring corrective action and noting successful company practices that should be promoted to other members. That verification report is publicly available (below). Companies are also expected to communicate the results of the verification exercise to their employees and other stakeholders.

This oversight and public verification of member and partner companies’ operations sets Responsible Care apart from other industry sustainability initiatives.

Verification Reports

February 06, 2023

Methanex- 2023

January 30, 2023

Evonik Oil Additives Canada, Inc.- 2023

January 24, 2023

Cabot Canada Ltd. – 2023

December 12, 2022

NOVA Chemicals – 2022

September 30, 2022


July 15, 2022

ERCO Worldwide LP – 2022

July 12, 2022

CCC Sulphur Products – 2022

June 08, 2022

GATX RCMS Audit Report – 2022

May 25, 2022

KRONOS – 2022

Our Verifiers

Nadine Blaney

Public Verifier

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Phil Byer

Public Verifier

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André Denis

Industry Verifier

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Cam Dillabough

Industry Verifier

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David Guss

Industry Verifier

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Marcel Emond

Industry Verifier

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Ron Ormson

Public Verifier

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Debbie Krukowski

Public Verifier

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Kris Lee

Public Verifier

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Dave Mack

Industry Verifier

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Larry Masaro

Industry Verifier

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David Powell

Public Verifier

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Bob Richer

Industry Verifier

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Gerry Whitcombe

Industry Verifier

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Sanket Das

Policy Manager, Plastics Division


Courriel: [email protected]

Eva Musso

Head of Sustainability and Government Relations, BASF

Scott Rook

President and CEO, Chemtrade Logistics

Jim Madro

Senior Vice-President, Petrochemical Development, Inter Pipeline Ltd.

Domenic Di Mondo

President, GreenMantra Technologies

Gulnara Gabidullina

Director of Global Product Stewardship, Procter and Gamble Inc.

Emily Fattore

Senior Director, Health, Safety and Environment, ERCO Worldwide LP

Rocco Schurink

Vice President North American Operation, MEGlobal Canada ULC

Kai Horsfield

Director, Government & Stakeholder Relations – Alberta

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 253
Email: [email protected]

Diego Ordoñez

President of Dow Chemical Canada ULC, and Senior Business Director Feedstocks

Sleiman Bassila

Chemicals Business Manager, Imperial Oil Chemicals

Wafaa Boukhrissi


Tel: 613-237-6215 x 106
Email: [email protected]

Katherine Porter

Chemicals Planning and Basic Chemicals Manager

Imperial Oil

Christa Seaman

Acting Vice-President, Plastics Division

Tel: 403-863-1918

Email: [email protected]

Daniella Muhanzi

Responsible Care Program Coordinator

Tel: 613-237-6215 ext 102

Email: [email protected]

Tyler Edgington

Chair, CIAC Board of Directors

President and Hydrocarbons Director at Dow Chemical Canada ULC

Helder Botelho


Head of Operations Canada, LANXESS Canada Co./Cie

Bob Masterson

President and CEO, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Greg Moffatt

Vice President, Policy and Corporate Secretary

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 230
Email: [email protected]

Leon Aarts

Group Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy, Chemtrade

Mark Allard

Vice President, North America, Methanex Corporation

Rick Babington

President and COO, Wentworth Technologies

Ed Bechberger

President & CEO, ERCO Worldwide

Michel Brassard

Regional Operations Manager, National Silicates Limited

David Chappell

Senior Vice President, Petrochemical Development, Inter Pipeline Ltd.

Magali Depras

Chair, PDLC

Chief Strategy & CSR Officer, TC Transcontinental Inc.

Lee DiMascio

Vice-President of Operations, Jungbunzlauer Canada Inc.

Franck Giraudeau

Business Management GM, Canada

Shell Chemicals Canada Ltd.

Ron Koniuch

President, CCC Sulphur Products

Brian Lucas

Site Director, INEOS Styrolution

Apala Mukherjee


President, BASF Canada

Peter C. Noble

Immediate Past Chair, CIAC Board of Directors

Chemicals Business Manager, Imperial Oil

John Schmidt

President and Site Manager, ARLANXEO Canada Inc.

Cynthia Shanks

Director, Communications & Sustainability

Keurig Dr Pepper Canada

Meredith West

Chemicals Planning & Controls Manager

Imperial Oil

Jeff Stevens

Director, Responsible Care®

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 227
Email: [email protected]

Michael Green

Vice-President CKF Inc.

Isabelle Des Chênes

Executive Vice-President

Isabelle Des Chênes joined CIAC in November 2017 and leads the Association’s strategic communications and government and stakeholder relations initiatives.  Prior to joining CIAC, Isabelle was Director of Communications for the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). She spent eleven years in the natural resources sector in a number of progressive positions including as VP, Market Relations and International Trade with the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) and VP, Market Relations for British Columbia’s Forestry Innovation Investment, Inc.  Isabelle holds a BA, Communications from the University of Ottawa.

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 242
Email: [email protected]

Christine Nahas

Policy Analyst, Climate Change and Environment

Tel: (343) 451-6201 Ext 104

Email: [email protected]

Julie Fortier

Director, Communications

Tel : (613) 237-6215 ext. 252
Email : [email protected]

Sarah Marshall

Vice-President, Sustainability NOVA Chemicals Corporation

Nancy Marchi

Manager, Executive Services, Office of the President

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 238
Email: [email protected]

Tony Moucachen

President, Merlin Plastics

Devon Babin

Manager, Communications

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 225
Email: [email protected]

  • Corporate communications
  • Media relations

Lyn Gibbard

Manager, Corporate Governance and Policy

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 222
Email: [email protected]

Nadine Blaney

Public Verifier

Nadine Blaney is the executive director of the Fort Air Partnership, an organization responsible for monitoring ambient air quality in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and surrounding region. Nadine has experience working in diverse multi-stakeholder environments, including industry, government and the public. Nadine is co-Chair of the Alberta Airsheds Council, which represents all Airsheds in Alberta and provides leadership in support of healthy air quality for Albertans and the environment. Nadine worked at Alberta Environment and Parks. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta and a Business Management Diploma from MacEwan University.


Don Fusco

Director, Government & Stakeholder Relations – Ontario

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 223
Email: [email protected]

  • Air Quality (Ontario)
  • Regulatory affairs (Ontario)

Shawna Bruce

Shawna Bruce has more than 35 years of progressive leadership and public affairs experience, serving as a Public Affairs Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces before taking on the role of Dow Canada’s National Public Affairs Manager (2009-2018). While at Dow, Shawna supported Community Advisory Panels in four site communities and engaged with neighbour residents about emergency response and public safety information and received the CIAC Merit Award in 2016 for her role in championing Responsible Care®. Shawna operates M.D. Bruce & Associates Ltd, leading risk and crisis communications workshops for organizations. She is a part-time instructor at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in the Disaster and Emergency Management program and teaches ICS and Public Information Officer training for the Centre of Applied Disaster and Emergency Management. Shawna holds a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton University, a Public Relations diploma from Algonquin College, and a Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management from Royal Roads University. 

Dave Cherniak

Policy Manager, Business and Economics

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 231
Email: [email protected]

  • Trade Policy
  • Competitiveness
  • Health Policy

Shannon Laszlo

Manager, Plastics Division Governance and Member Relations

Email: [email protected]

Danielle Morrison

Policy Manager, Chemicals and Health, and Data Management

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext.255
Email: [email protected]

Yves Hamelin

Regional Director – Quebec

Tel: (819) 696-0470
Email: [email protected]

  • Regulatory affairs (Quebec)

Kara Edwards

Director, Transportation

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 244
Email: [email protected]

  • Transportation Safety & Security
  • TEAP3

Mike Burt

Vice-Chair, PDLC

Vice President & Global Director Climate and Energy DOW Chemical Canada ULC

Rocky Vermani

Senior Vice-President, Supply Chain and Innovation, NOVA Chemicals Corporation

Doug Woods

President, Evonik Canada Inc.

Nadine Gudz

Nadine Gudz has led global sustainability strategy with Interface Inc. for 11 years and is currently completing her PhD in education for sustainability transitions at York University in Toronto. She also serves as Vice President of Executive Leadership and Professional Development with the Academy for Sustainable Innovation. Nadine has served on the National Zero Waste Council, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility and the United States Green Building Council. She also serves on the faculty of the graduate certificate program in CSR and sustainability at St Michael’s College at the University of Toronto as well as the Certificate in Circular Economy at McMaster University.

Christopher Hilkene

Chris Hilkene is the Chief Executive of Pollution Probe, Canada’s oldest environmental organization. He has been an environment and sustainable development professional for over 25 years and joined has worked in government, consulting, academic and not-for-profit settings. Chris served as a Canadian appointee to Great Lakes Water Quality Board of the International Joint Commission from 2014 to 2020 and was the Canadian lead on emerging issues for the last four years. In 2007, Chris was appointed to the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy, where he served as Chair of the Water Programme until 2013. He is an active volunteer and has served on boards and advisory bodies for numerous organizations including Carleton University’s Global Water Institute, Green Living Enterprises, Pollution Probe and WaterAid Canada.

Richard Janda

Richard Janda teaches business associations, administrative law, competition law, economic regulation, and air transport regulation. He was Law Clerk to Justices Le Dain and Cory of the Supreme Court of Canada and is a past Director of the Centre for the Study of Regulated Industries at McGill. Richard has been involved in work for the WTO, ICAO, OECD, the World Bank, a number of Canadian public agencies and developing countries. He has served as an Associate Professor at the McGill University Faculty of Law since 1997. He is a resident member of the Institutes of Comparative Law and Air and Space Law at McGill University, a member of the editorial board for the Annals of Air and Space Law, since 1993. Richard is also a member of the advisory board for the International Journal of Telecommunications Law and Policy.

Alex von Knobloch

Alex von Knobloch is a Program Manager at Linamar Corporation which supplies products to automotive and industrial markets. Alex has a background in environmental ecology and renewable energy systems.   He was a member of the Bluewater Community Advisory Panel in Sarnia, Ont. and participated in a Responsible Care® verification processes.

Jane Lister

Jane Lister is Associate Director of the Centre for Transportation Studies at the Sauder School of Business and Research Associate with the Global Reporting Centre at the University of British Columbia. Jane holds an MBA and PhD and has more than 25 years of experience in the sustainability field, including with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she helped companies across North America to design, implement, and audit corporate social responsibility strategies and programs.

Joel Rudolph

Former Chair, PDLC

Chief Operating Officer, Strategy and Business Development Farnell Packaging Ltd.

Pat McLean

Pat McLean is a retired former executive in the non-profit sector and served 18 years as a member of Council for Woolwich Township. She has been a volunteer with community committees in Elmira, Ontario. She has worked with local companies, the Ministry of the Environment and the community to educate, inform and negotiate on many important issues related to chemical facility cleanup. Pat has also been a long-time volunteer both in her community and at the provincial level.

Kristaps Kuplais

Director, Finance and Corporate Services

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 224
Email: [email protected]

Phil Byer

Public Verifier

Phil Byer has been a Responsible Care public verifier since 1993 and was a member of CIAC’s National Advisory Panel from 1989 to 2004. Phil was a professional engineer and a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and the Centre for Environment at the University of Toronto. He holds graduate degrees in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

André Denis

Industry Verifier

André Denis has been a Responsible Care industry verifier since 1994. With professional training as a registered occupational hygienist, André has more than 30 years of experience in workplace health and safety, specializing in industrial hygiene. He worked for 13 years in various positions related to health and safety with Canadian Industries Limited and Imperial Chemical Industries.

Cam Dillabough

Industry Verifier

Cam Dillabough has been a Responsible Care industry verifier since 1995. He has more than 30years of experience in the chemistry industry, including as site manager at Rohm and Haas’Morrisburg, Ont. location (now Evonik Oil AdditivesCanada). Cam’s previous responsibilities included safety, health and environmental management, employee training, and the implementation of high-performance manufacturing systems.

David Guss

Industry Verifier

David Guss worked as a professional engineer for over 34 years in the chemicals and oil/gas industries. He has experience in technical and managerial roles supporting industrial facilities operations, capital projects, and company global Responsible Care, health and safety, environmental, process safety management systems development, implementation, and audit. David was past president of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, past Board Member of the Chemical Institute of Canada, past Chair of CIAC Process Safety Management Committee, and is a committee member for the Canadian Standards Association Z-767 Process Safety Technical Standard.

Marcel Emond

Industry Verifier

Trained as a chemical engineer at l’École Polytechnique in Montreal, Marcel Emond worked in the petroleum industry from 1966 to 1981 and has held a variety of positions at the Petrofina(later Petro-Canada) refineries, BP, and Ultramar. Marcel later worked in the petrochemical sector with Petromont, first serving as Vice-President of Production, and later as Chief of Operations (1991-1998). He has participated in more than 50 Responsible Care verifications.

Ron Ormson

Public Verifier

Ron Ormson is Director of Environmental Engineering for the City of Waterloo. As a licensed professional geoscientist, Ormson has worked on a wide range of projects, including brownfield redevelopments transportation, storm water, wastewater and asset management. He is a member of CIAC’s National Advisory Panel and a national advisor and peer reviewer for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities on contaminated site and waste-management issues.

Beverly Osazuwa

Beverly Osazuwa is a supporter of community-led policy development and industry initiatives that are sustainable, anti-oppressive, and anti-colonial. Beverly holds a Master of Arts in Political and Legal Thought from Queen’s University, and a Bachelor of Humanities from Carleton University with a minor in Political Science and African Studies. She has committed her academic pursuits to study the effects of modernization and development on African and Indigenous people and in the intersections of class, race, and gender that inform environmental impacts for marginalized communities. Beverly also worked as the Environmental Policy Coordinator for CIAC and assisted in developing innovative programs for Responsible Care. As she concludes her studies, Beverly hopes to centralize the experience of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) to spur change in the Canadian political and legal systems, as well as within industry practice.

Jacob Westfall

Debbie Krukowski

Public Verifier

Debbie Krukowski is a former member of CIAC’s National Advisory Panel and has chaired many committees in her hometown of Sarnia, Ont., including the Planning Advisory Committee, the Sarnia 2000 Committee, the Property Standards Committee, and the Inter-Recycling Landfill Liaison Committee. In 2004, Debbie founded the Sarnia Transportation Community Advisory Panel. She is currently a member of the ARLANXEO Community Advisory Panel and an appointee to the Court of Revision for the City of Sarnia.

Kris Lee

Public Verifier

Kris Lee has been a CIAC Responsible Care public verifier since 1998. She has served on CIAC’s National Advisory and Canadian Plastics Industry Association’s Public Advisory Panels. As a retired science teacher, Kris assists educators on lab safety in science education through Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario Safety Committee and instructs through the Workers Health and Safety Centre for the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Dave Mack

Industry Verifier

Dave Mack has been a CIAC Responsible Care industry verifier since 2001. He has 30 years of industrial experience in industrial gas supply, oil refining, pipelines and petrochemicals; most of which was in large-scale product-manufacturing facilities. He spent 20 years with NOVAChemicals and completed his tenure as Director of Responsible Care for Canadian operations.

Larry Masaro

Industry Verifier

Larry Masaro has been a Responsible Care industry verifier since 2020. He has more than 30years of experience in the chemistry industry, including as Global Operations Director for the PQ Corporation. His previous responsibilities included plant operations, engineering, purchasing and logistics, safety, health and environmental management. He directed these global activities from PQ’s Canadian head office in Toronto and retired in August of 2019.

David Powell

Public Verifier

David Powell has worked at the University of Toronto as an instructor, student advisor and administrator since 1967. David has served as a Responsible Care public verifier since 1993 and was an original member of CIAC’s National Advisory Panel. He assisted in harmonizing the initial Codes of Practice and developing the first Responsible Care verification protocol, as well as the initiative’s new sustainability-based codes. For over 20 years, he has served on the advisory committee to the Standards Council of Canada for the ISO14000 environmental management system standards and guidelines.

Bob Richer

Industry Verifier

Bob Richer holds a BSc in chemical engineering from l’École Polytechnique in Montreal. He has been very active in associations and initiatives which contributed to the progress of the chemical industry, especially in Quebec. He has served as a CIAC Board member and Chair of the Quebec Leadership Group. Bob began his career at Petrofina Canada and joined Gulf Oil in 1980. He became Vice President for KEMTEC in 1986 and then Manufacturing Director for Himont/Montell/Basell in 1988 until 2009. He is currently working for GCM, an engineering firm in Montreal, and for QRC, as a transportation verifier.

Gerry Whitcombe

Industry Verifier

Gerry Whitcombe has been a CIAC Responsible Care verifier since 2006. He worked for Dow Chemical for more than 32 years in a variety of capacities, including as Canadian Responsible Care Coordinator (1989-2005). Whitcombe was involved in developing implementation aids for the original Responsible Care Distribution Code of Practice.

Kristina Adler

Transportation Policy and Program Officer

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 256
Email: [email protected]

Mark Rose

Treasurer, PDLC

President, Layfield Group

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