Competitiveness and Investment

Our products are the nexus of all solutions to energy efficiency, net-zero emissions, and a circular economy, but competition for investment in the chemistry sector is fierce. Other jurisdictions are moving aggressively to attract investment and Canada must remain competitive.

Canada must create a competitive regulatory and policy landscape that welcomes private capital. Key features of a competitive landscape include long-lived along with broad-based and transparent investment attraction programs, utilizing the a-political tax code, that attracts capital investments. These measures must be anchored by a dynamic research and development (R&D) ecosystem that is focused on creating clean chemistry production and a circular economy for plastics.

Creating a competitive regulatory landscape

Chemistry is vital to achieving the federal government’s net zero carbon emission goals. To meet our goals, the chemistry sector needs: climate policy revenues reinvested into the industry to encourage investment in low-carbon technologies; alignment of provincial and federal approaches and avoid overlap of regulatory functions; recognition of Responsible Care® as a global standard ESG, and encourage broader industry participation.

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2024 Federal Pre-Budget Submission: Attracting world-class investment

 Canada must attract global-scale investments to ensure low emissions chemistry and a circular economy for plastic products is built here in Canada. This can be achieved: by creating long-lived, broad based, transparent investment attraction programs for carbon capture utilization and storage and clean hydrogen; developing a world-scale research and development ecosystem for the chemistry and plastic recycling sectors; ensuring modern and efficient transportation infrastructure, especially rail and ports.

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Chemistry industry data

Chemistry is the fourth largest manufacturing sector in Canada and is vital to our economy. Our reports provide a review of various key industry indicators including shipments, imports, exports, and employment.

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