Every year, thousands of chemical shipments make their way across Canada by rail and road to meet the needs of manufacturers, municipalities, and consumers. Ensuring and improving the safe and efficient transportation of chemical products is of paramount importance for all CIAC members.

CIAC is a strong national voice for policies and initiatives that support the safe transportation of dangerous goods. CIAC makes transportation safety a number one concern every day through safe route, means of containment and mode selection, stringent emergency response plans, and proactive communication with communities and first responders.

Advocating for safe, reliable transportation of Canadian products to market

Did you know that more than 80 per cent of chemistry products are shipped by rail in Canada? This includes the vital chemicals needed to ensure your drinking water is safe and the chemicals needed to de-ice airplanes. These and countless other chemistry products are essential for our way of life. CIAC advocates for a safe, fair, commercially based, market-driven freight rail system. This work is key in supporting competitiveness, trade interests, jobs, and economic growth and prosperity.

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Improving transportation safety

Many CIAC members go above and beyond what is required for transporting chemicals. This is seen in their commitment and leadership of TRANSCAER® (the Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) initiative and TEAP III (the Transportation Emergency Assistance Program).

Educating communities and first responders

In 2020, CIAC successfully applied for funding to support the construction of a new TRANSCAER® Safety Train and the development of advanced training tools such as virtual reality education tools to improve railway safety training for first responders and communities along transportation routes. The new Safety train is under construction and is expected to be complete by Spring 2024.

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