Chemicals Management

The safe manufacturing of chemistry is at the centre of all the items that ensure our modern way of life. Canadians need to be confident that their health, safety, and environment are protected at all timesCIAC and our members are proud to support Canada as a global leader in the risk-based approach to chemicals management. 

Safe stewardship of chemicals

Canadians have a right to a safe and healthy environment, including strict air and water quality standards. CIAC and its members advocate for transparency and using the ethic and principles of Responsible Care®. CIAC collects data from members on health and safety, air and water quality and many other elements, which is published annually in our Responsible Care Report.

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Canadian Environmental Protection Act

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) governs many different aspects of environmental regulation in Canada. CIAC supports CEPA’s risk-based approach to chemicals management.

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Chemicals Management Plan

CIAC supports the federal government’s world-leading Chemicals Management Plan (CMP), a rigorous method for assessing and managing chemical substances that positions Canada as a global leader in chemicals management. To date, Canada has assessed almost 4,000 chemicals.

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