CIAC – Your catalyst for strong advocacy.

We are the association for leaders in Canada’s chemistry and plastics industry. Our members are innovators, solution providers, and world-class stewardship pioneers.

Membership categories

Full members

Producers and resellers of chemicals in Canada who commit to the Responsible Care® Ethic and Principles for Sustainability and the Responsible Care Codes.

Responsible Care® partners

Stewards of chemical products, providing reliable transportation, equipment, and environmental and emergency management services to Canada’s chemistry industry.

Associate members

Service providers to Canada’s chemistry industry value chain.

Plastics Division members

Represents the interests of the plastics value chain including resin and raw material suppliers, processors/converters, equipment suppliers, recyclers and brand owners.

Why join CIAC?


We open doors.

CIAC understands the importance of nurturing and safeguarding relationships. We are connected to and respected by federal and provincial influencers and policy-makers.

With teams in place in Western Canada, Ontario, Québec, and Ottawa; we are an entry door to governments both for you and for the industry.


We deliver thought leadership and strength in numbers.

CIAC represents the majority of the chemistry and plastics industry in Canada. We provide coordination and leadership on key issues of interest to you, including innovation investment, taxation, health and safety, environment and regulatory initiatives.

Through alignment, solidarity, and the coordinated expertise of the Canadian chemistry and plastics industry, CIAC delivers strength in numbers and is recognized by stakeholders as the authoritative voice on priority issues for the sector.


We are recognized as a principles-based advocate and partner.

As a member of the CIAC, you become part of a group of leaders recognized globally for their Responsible Care® practices and commitment to the betterment of society, the environment and the economy. CIAC Plastics Division members commit to Operation Clean Sweep™.

Our stakeholders acknowledge the CIAC as a principles-based advocate and partner, which means that our team of experts is well respected in Ottawa and in the provinces in which you operate.

We’re known for being solutions-oriented and working collaboratively with governments and stakeholders to arrive at outcomes that work for you on innovation, investment, trade, regulation, and more.

Our close connection and alignment with key groups such as the American Chemistry Council allows us to co-ordinate our advocacy for the North American and global context.


We provide a platform for collaboration and continuous improvement.

Building on the ethic and principles of Responsible Care, CIAC provides members with a platform for collaboration. Regular peer-to-peer exchanges allow members to build trust, share best practices, and deliver continuous improvement.

Members also have access to our talented team who regularly monitor the policy and regulatory environments to share the most recent updates and opportunities.

Our team is also available to help you navigate government processes and provide coaching for your own advocacy efforts.


We move the needle and deliver results.

CIAC is a flexible, nimble organization. Small enough for members to have influence, big enough to have meaningful impact. More importantly, we’re developing a track record of advocacy wins. Check out our 2020 performance report.

For more information on joining CIAC:

Bob Masterson

President and CEO

613-237-6215 ext. 234

[email protected]

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