Principles and Benefits

By joining Operation Clean Sweep, the Members of the CIAC Plastics Division have committed to zero plastic resin loss. The OCS Program Manual has been developed to provide your company with a step-by-step guide on implementing OCS into your day-to-day operations.

Benefits of OCS

Operation Clean Sweep will help strengthen your company’s:

  • sustainability initiatives;
  • contribution to preserving water quality and wildlife;
  • compliance with federal and local regulations and avoidance of fines;
  • safety/housekeeping program;
  • employees’ well-being;
  • operational efficiency;
  • ability to mitigate risks;
  • financial bottom line; and
  • reputation in the community.

At a high-level, the five steps to implementing the OCS program involve:

  1. Putting a team together
  2. Assessing your company’s situations and needs
  3. Preparing a plan and making necessary changes
  4. Evaluating and follow-up: Have your changes been successful?
  5. Sharing your ideas

Guiding Principles of OCS


The OCS Program prioritizes prevention by identifying common high-risk areas, and providing best practices used within the industry to minimize risk. A prevention-based approach yields environmental, social and economic benefits: preventing spills and loss prevents harm to waterway ecosystems and wildlife, reduces safety hazards for staff, enhances the industry’s social license to operate, and maximizes the retention of valuable plastic materials.


Improperly managed plastic resin can significantly harm the surrounding communities and environment and companies can demonstrate accountability and leadership in their communities by minimizing the loss of resin.

  Continuous Improvement

The goal of OCS, working towards zero resin loss, is an on-going, daily commitment. The OCS Program relies on companies to share issues and solutions with the CIAC Plastics Division and the industry. Your company’s success in achieving zero resin loss is the industry’s success.