Since 1985, Canada’s chemistry sector has led the journey towards safe, responsible, and sustainable chemical manufacturing through its U.N.-recognized sustainability initiative, Responsible Care®. Founded in Canada, it is now practiced in 73 countries and by 96 of the 100 largest chemical producers in the world.

Through Responsible Care, CIAC members strive to the Ethic to “do the right thing and be seen to do the right thing.” They innovate for safer and greener products and processes, and work to continuously improve their environmental, health and safety performance.

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2022 Sustainability Report

Under Responsible Care, CIAC member companies are expected to report all workplace injuries or illnesses on an annual basis, as well as all substance releases — even those that fall below the reporting threshold of Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI). This report outlines our members accomplishments. Read our previous reports here. 

Responsible Care covers all aspects of a company’s business, their employees, the communities and the environment, over the entire life cycle of its products. Through TRANSCAER®, our members engage with communities near facilities and along transportation corridors, emergency responders, governments, and other stakeholders to advance laws and regulations supporting sustainability.

CIAC also has a Responsible Care partnership with Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC). RDC is equivalent to Responsible Care for companies engaged in chemical distribution and plays a critical role in assisting CIAC members in meeting their commitments.

Partners in Responsible Care

CIAC members aren’t alone in making Responsible Care a central part of how they do business. Responsible Care partners, involved in the transportation of chemical products or key services to the industry are also encouraged to adopt the Responsible Care Ethic and Principles for Sustainability.