Reporting and Metrics

2022 Sustainability Report

Under Responsible Care, CIAC member companies are expected to report all workplace injuries or illnesses on an annual basis, as well as all substance releases — even those that fall below the reporting threshold of Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI). This report outlines our members accomplishments. Read our previous reports here. 

The National Emissions Reduction Masterplan

Since 1992, CIAC has and continues to collect data through its National Emissions Reduction Masterplan (NERM) survey on chemical emissions by members including air, water, land, underground injection, and the off‑site transfers of those substances in waste or recoverable materials. A summary of the results is published in the annual Responsible Care Report.

Safety and Health Analysis, Recognition, and Exchange

Consistent with CIAC members’ roles as leaders in safety and occupational health, CIAC collects the annual Safety and Health Analysis, Recognition, and Exchange (SHARE) survey. This data measures, tracks, and communicates health and safety trends, and is used by the SHARE committee to drive continuous improvement and provide a forum for members to share information and experience related to occupational health and safety.

Process Safety Incident Measures

In 2005, the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) developed metrics to track process safety incident trends by the industry, allow companies to trend their own performance against these trends and identify opportunities for improvement. CIAC’s Process Safety Incident Measures (PRIM) survey has adopted the CCPS-PRIM metrics, which are of high benefit and importance to CIAC member companies and CIAC’s Process Safety Network.

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