About the industry

Members of Canada’s chemistry and plastics sector transform raw materials into the building blocks needed to manufacture the products that enable our modern lives.

From wind turbines and solar panels, to vehicles and electronics, to medical equipment, clean drinking water, textiles and building materials; chemistry and plastics are vital to our economy and ensure a safe, high-quality of life for all Canadians while creating some of the lowest GHG-intensive products on the planet..

70 000

different products Canadians use every day are made with chemistry and plastics

3rd largest

manufacturing sector in Canada


of all manufactured products are made with chemistry and plastics

Responsible for $108 billion in shipments of chemistry and plastics products in 2022

$73 billion

in chemistry

$35 billion

in plastics

The chemistry and plastics industry are responsible for 190 000 Canadian jobs

91 000

in chemistry

99 000

in plastics


CIAC represents more than 120 members and partners in the Canadian chemistry and plastics sectors


Canada’s chemistry sector has reduced its CO2 emissions on an absolute basis by 67% since 1992

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