PolyExpert Earns Safe Quality Food certification

PolyExpert, well-known manufacturer of blown film for the food industry, receives SQF certification.

Laval, Quebec, August 26, 2020 – PolyExpert, a Canadian leading manufacturer of extruded blown film, proudly announces that it is now Safe Quality Food certified.

“As a film manufacturer, we have been supplying the food packaging industry for many years, so we understand the importance of food security in the supply chain. The SQF certification testifies to the fact that our procedures and our facilities meet the most demanding criteria in terms of food safety,” says Lise Plante, Managing Director. “This further demonstrates that we are deeply committed to our customers and business partners”.

The Safe Quality Food (SQF) program is a rigorous food safety and quality program that is recognized by retailers, brand owners and food service providers around the world. Issued by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the certification is designed to meet industry, customer and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain – from farm to retail stores.

Douglas Lord, Vice-President of Operations, underlines “our multidisciplinary teams have really mobilized to take this important step. For over a year, we have made several improvements, reviewed all our procedures, processes, facilities; no stone was left unturned. This project would not have been possible without the support of management and the involvement of our employees. We are very proud of our people and of this accomplishment”.

Remembering David Podruzny, CIAC Vice-President, Business and Economics (retired)

Many of you will have heard the sad news, on August 21st CIAC lost a long-time friend and colleague, David Podruzny.  Dave passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest while out for an evening run in Edmonton.

Following a career with the federal government, Dave embarked on a second career with CIAC in 1994, where he spent the next 24 years until retiring in December 2018.  To say his passing was a shock to those who knew him — colleagues in both industry and government — would be a gross understatement. Dave was passionate about the work he did on behalf of CIAC members and the broader industry.  And while some would say he was a workaholic, he had that same passion and commitment to his family, his beliefs and the causes he supported.

Dave had a curious mind and was a voracious reader.   He could hold court on any subject – and given the chance to do so, he seized it.  You never knew where a conversation with Dave would lead, but his skilled storytelling always made it interesting.

One of the fittest, most active retirees we knew – Dave was a runner, downhill skier, and hiker.  Following his retirement, he and his wife Faye left Ottawa to be closer to family, returning to their roots in Alberta (another passion), the ultimate place to be for a Canadian who loved the mountains and the adventures that they offered.

A small graveside service was held on August 28th, what would have been Dave and Faye’s 49th wedding anniversary.  Dave’s son Kyle so eloquently delivered a eulogy, on behalf of CIAC, that paid tribute to our friend and colleague, gone too soon.

Rest in peace Dave.

Read David’s Obituary: https://www.trinityfuneralhome.ca/david-francis-podruzny/

View Funeral Live Stream (1 P.M. MT, Friday, September 3rd): https://youtu.be/WQvKcPqC1cc

The Chemistry Industry 2021 Federal Pre-Budget Consultation Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance

2019 National TRANSCAER® Award Winners

While 2020 seems to rush by, we’re taking another moment to press pause and recognize the 2019 National TRANSCAER Award winners. We highlighted the first batch of winners in our last issue, now read along as we recognize another group of hardworking, dedicated individuals.

Carrie Maxim-Distinguished Service Award

CIAC congratulates Carrie Maxim, National TRANSCAER Committee Co-Chair, on receiving the 2019 TRANSCAER Distinguished Service Award.

Carrie is Acknowledged for her long-term and sustained dedication to the TRANSCAER initiative that has fostered growth, recognition, and enhancement of this important initiative in many regions.

Prior to serving as the National TRANSCAER Committee Co-Chair, Carrie served as the Ontario Region TRANSCAER committee Chair and Co-Chair for more than 5 years. Carrie has worked tirelessly to increase the profile of TRANSCAER within her organization, community, region, and nationally to meet expectations of our many stakeholder groups and to engage our TRANSCAER partners.

During her involvement with TRANSCAER, Carrie has been fundamental in developing and implementing a successful transition plan and tracking mechanism for the initiative’s outreach events in Ontario. As the National TRANSCAER Committee Co-Chair, Carrie has played a key role in establishing the CIAC’s TRANSCAER Awards, the new TRANSCAER logo and branding, and expanded membership on the National TRANSCAER Committee.

Carrie’s commitment to ensuring that communities are aware and prepared has helped to make the CIAC and the broader chemistry industry be seen as a credible leader in transportation safety.

Chris Nicholson-Regional Achievement

Chris Nicholson, a Senior Dangerous Goods Officer with Canadian National Railway has received a 2019 TRANSCAER Regional Service Award.

Chris has been a great advocate of the TRANSCAER program as part of the CN initiative to promote safe handling of dangerous goods. As a committed member of the Ontario Region TRANSCAER Committee Chris encourages and promotes the Canadian railway industry’s commitment to TRANSCAER. Chris has done a phenomenal job of promoting and facilitating TRANSCAER Initiatives and successfully attracting new participants and members in the Ontario region.

In addition to the work Chris does to promote TRANSCAER, he has frequently facilitated many TRANSCAER railway-based presentations for first responders in Eastern Canada. Chris has gone above and beyond in both his promotion of the initiative and ensuring the effective delivery of TRANSCAER training and tools.

GATX – Regional Achievement Group Award

Congratulations to Jeff Nee, Tyler Yates, Trina Kautzmann, Jim Torres, Jennifer Radbourne, George Biggs, and Cris Mitchell of GATX Corporation, who are recipients of the 2019 TRANSCAER Regional Achievement Group Award.

The GATX group has made exceptional contributions to regional TRANSCAER events in the Prairies. Most notably, in 2019 the group co-hosted a 2-day rail and road emergency response training event in Fort Saskatchewan. With the help of the GATX group, the event had a remarkable turnout, with 8 Prairie Region TRANSCAER members represented, and more than 70 first responders and 100 GATX customers in attendance.

Additionally, GATX has played a key role in the acquiring and development of our new Safety Train. Since the retirement of the CCPX 911 tank car in 2019, GATX continues to expand their involvement with the TRANSCAER® Initiative with their generous donation of a tank car for TRANSCAER to use as the new Safety Train.

Together the GATX group has exhibited exceptional delivery of TRANSCAER tools and training to new audiences, recruited new TRANSCAER participants, and have attracted positive media attention.

2019 TRANSCAER® Awards Profiles

As mentioned in the last issue, despite not being able to gather and celebrate in-person, it’s important that we recognize the winners of the 2019 TRANSCAER® Awards for their dedication, hard work and achievements last year.  

Take a moment and learn a bit more about this first batch of award winners. 

Amber Rushton—Regional Achievement 

The TRANSCAER Regional Achievement awards are presented to individuals who have demonstrated one or more of the following eligibility criteria: Exceptional delivery of TRANSCAER tools and training to new audiences, recruitment of new TRANSCAER members and participants, or actions resulting in positive media coverage. 

Amber Rushton, Community Emergency Management Coordinator with the City of Burlington Fire Department, has made significant contributions to the TRANSCAER initiative through her support of regional TRANSCAER events, earning a 2019 TRANSCAER® Regional Achievement award. 

Amber Rushton has been an active participant at Ontario Region TRANSCAER meetings and events. In 2019 Amber spearheaded two major events in Burlington, a full day of first responder training on the CN rail car and a TRANSCAER Community Open House at Burlington Fire Headquarters. These events combined attracted more than 200 participants of all demographics, bringing positive attention to TRANSCAER in the Ontario region. Amber’s outreach efforts have widened the reach of TRANSCAER messaging and public profile. In addition to supporting regional TRANSCAER events, Amber actively promotes TRANSCAER on social media to help bring exposure to TRANSCAER among members of the Burlington community.  


Ken Johnson—Regional Achievement 

Ken Johnson of Ken Johnson Trucking is acknowledged for his contributions to the TRANSCAER initiative, earning a 2019 TRANSCAER Regional Achievement Award. 

During the many years that Ken has been involved with TRANSACER in British Columbia, he has been active in Regional TRANSCAER committee meetings and events. Ken has brought forth the perspectives of the trucking industry, including how the industry operates to educate TRANSCAER members in his region on the range of issues they face daily. 

Ken’s consistent and long-term volunteer efforts with the British Columbia Region TRANSCAER committee has been remarkable. Ken has ensured that British Columbia regional TRANSACER events include both rail and road training opportunities and has sent his demonstration tank trailer to events as far north as Fort St. John or east to Cranbrook. Ken has displayed exceptional delivery of TRANSCAER tools and training to new audiences in his region and has expanded the reach of TRANSCAER in the British Columbia region.



Dave Clarke—Regional Achievement 

Captain Dave Clarke has contributed significantly to delivering TRANSCAER training through outreach at the regional level and has been awarded a 2019 TRANSCAER Regional Achievement award.  

Captain Clarke does an exceptional job educating First Responders at FESTI (Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute) at Toronto’s Pearson Airport, where he facilitates courses to educate students from various backgrounds such as fire, police, industry, emergency response contractors, and government in responses techniques for fire, rescue and Hazmat/dangerous goods. As a member of the Ontario Region TRANSCAER Committee Dave has forged a strong bond with the TRANSCAER program and its participants and organizers. Dave routinely participates in regional meetings and events and is active in offering the extensive FESTI facilities and experience.  

In addition to his consistent support of TRANSCAER events in the Ontario region, following the retirement of the CCPX 911 Car in 2019, Dave offered the Fire and emergency Service Training Institute (FESTI) as a permanent home of the tank car. This has enabled the continued exceptional delivery of TRANSCAER training and outreach tools, increased participation, and positive media attention in the Ontario Region. 


Michael Heeringa—Regional Achievement 

Michael Heeringa has done an exceptional job of delivering TRANSCAER® tools and training to new audiences, earning a 2019 Regional Achievement Award. 

Michael holds the position as a Dangerous Goods Officer with Canadian National Railway in south western Ontario. Michael’s background and commitment to emergency response makes him a valuable asset to CIAC’s TRANSCAER® program. During his involvement with the initiative he has both facilitated and participated in many TRANSCAER® events and works closely with emergency response contractors, railway suppliers, and shippers to conduct outreach initiatives to reach participants across Ontario. 

Michael not only actively conducts TRANSCAER® training in Ontario, but he does extensive “behind the scenes” work to ensure successful delivery of TRANSCAER® outreach. This includes bringing CN’s valve trailer directly to events to conduct TRANSCAER® training with firefighters and assisting with some hands-on work to ensure that the retired CCPX 911 made it safely to its new home at FESTI. Michael’s contributions to the TRANSCAER® initiative have been vital in delivering effective and consistent TRANSACER® training and broadening the reach of the initiative in the Ontario Region.  


Jeff Stevens—National Achievement 

Jeff Stevens of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada is recognized for his outstanding contributions to the TRANSCAER initiative nationally as the recipient of the 2019 TRANSCAER National Achievement Award. 

Jeff Stevens played an exceptional leadership role for the proposal to Transport Canada to develop new TRANSCAER tools and outreach plans which increase rail safety and TDG awareness and preparedness. This proposal included rationale and costing for developing a virtual reality program and tools, building a new safety training tank car, and hosting a series of outreach events across the country. These tools and outreach initiatives will increase the profile of TRANSCAER nationally and help advance its sustainability and mandate over the long-term. With Jeff’s help, TRANSCAER training and tools will be accessible across the country. Jeff’s continued efforts have promoted increased participation and recognition nationally; this has earned him the 2019 TRANSCAER National Achievement award. 

Through Jeff’s work with the TRANSCAER initiative he has exemplified exceptional delivery of TRANSCAER tools and training to audiences across multiple regions, aided in the recruitment of new TRANSCAER members or participants in multiple regions and cultivated positive media coverage in multiple regions.  

 For more information on how to nominate someone for a 2020 TRANSCAER® Award visit transcaer.ca 


2019 National TRANSCAER® Awards

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused countless challenges for people, governments and organizations around the globe. The 2020 TRANCAER® Awards are no different; normally, we would be gathering together to recognize and honour individuals who have reach milestones and made positive impacts on the Transcaer community.

These individuals deserve to be recognized. Today, we’re announcing the names of all the Transcaer award winners and in the following issues of ChemNews we will feature the award-winners so you can get to know them a bit better and why they are so deserving of their respective award. Stay Tuned.

See the 2019 TRANSCAER Award Winners:

  • Carrie Maxim, Site Logistics Team Leader – NOVA Chemicals (Distinguished Service Award)
  • Jeff Stevens, Director Information and Technology – CIAC (National Achievement)
  • Amber Rushton, Community Emergency Management Coordinator- Burlington Fire Department (Regional Achievement)
  • Chris Nicholson, Senior Dangerous Goods Officer – CN (Regional Achievement)
  • Cris Mitchell, Regional Quality Specialist- GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement award)
  • Dave Clarke, Instructor / Captain – Greater Toronto Airports Authority | Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) (Regional Achievement)
  • George Biggs, Senior Railcar Design Engineer – GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Jeff Nee, Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety – GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Jennifer Radbourne, Corporate Account Manager- GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Jim Torres, Railcar Design Engineer- GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Ken Johnson, President – Ken Johnson Trucking (Regional Achievement)
  • Michael Heeringa Dangerous Goods Officer- CN (Regional Achievement)
  • Trina Kautzmann, Tank Trainer Scheduling Manager- GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Tyler Yates, EHS Manager – GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)

NOVA Chemicals CEO Announces Retirement

The times, they are a changing for Canada’s Chemistry Industry. It was recently announced that Todd Karan, CEO of NOVA Chemicals, will be retiring this summer effective August 1. Karan has been CEO since 2015 and is highly regarded for his leadership skills and ability to grow the company is his time at the top.

“There have been a number of important milestones achieved under his leadership and we truly appreciate his commitment to the NOVA family and, not least, ensuring an unwavering focus on safety.  We wish him well as he retires from the company.”

– Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NOVA Chemicals

Full Details: https://www.novachem.com/media-center/news-releases/todd-karran-to-retire-as-president-ceo-and-board-member-of-nova-chemicals/


Alberta Government Commits $1.1 billion to Petrochemicals

The Alberta Government recently confirmed its commitment of more than $1 billion for the province’s Petrochemical Diversification Program. Alberta is already home to Canada’s largest petrochemicals manufacturing industry, which also happens to be the largest manufacturing sector in Alberta. The funding will ensure this important program continues to attract investment, diversify the economy and create jobs.

Full Details: https://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=64693C0FB74D7-F065-9297-32348E2C11FB5D74

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