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Canada’s 43rd Parliament – challenging times ahead for Canada’s chemistry industry?

Canada’s 43rd Parliament has now been elected. Over the coming months new Ministerial appointments will be made and the re-elected Trudeau government will deliver its Speech from the Throne. The new Parliament brings with it much uncertainty – how will the Liberals govern in this minority situation? Are the opposition parties in a position to […]

Addressing public perception of the chemistry industry and how to improve it

  CIAC President and CEO, Bob Masterson, discussed the pressing issue of marine litter, plastic waste and how to change the public’s perception of the chemistry industry in a keynote address at the annual Chemistry Canada Conference in Edmonton on September 25. Mr. Masterson presented findings from a survey of Canadians’ perception on plastics, explained […]

Chemistry sector addressing plastic waste head on

As our leaders head to the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Quebec on June 8 with the intention of proposing the “Paris Agreement for marine litter,” and as our colleagues at Plastics Europe and the American Chemistry Council propose aggressive targets to curb plastic waste, we are now at a decisive moment when it comes to public policy and the […]

Panelists discuss Canada’s low carbon future at the Industrial Gas Users Association’s Spring Seminar

CIAC President and CEO Bob Masterson gave a brief overview of chemistry’s role in Canada’s transition to the low-carbon energy future at a panel for the Industrial Gas Users Association Spring Seminar in Montebello, Quebec on Tuesday, May 15. The topic of the seminar panel was Heavy Industry is Necessary in Canada’s Low Carbon Future. Speakers touched on topics such as the […]

Moving to zero waste will require industry, government and society collaboration, says CIAC

On April 24, the G7 Plastics Industry Coalition, including CIAC and representatives from our membership, met with government officials and other stakeholders in the plastics value chain to discuss Canada’s objectives for the G7 Plastics Charter, which the government plans to promote at the G7 in Quebec this June. The event was organized by the Coalition, which was founded […]

Senate report looks at how chemistry sector can reduce carbon emissions

CIAC President and CEO Bob Masterson underscored the chemistry sector’s crucial role to achieving Canada’s emission reduction challenge when he appeared before the Standing Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources in February 2017. The resulting recommendations were published earlier this month in a report called Decarbonizing Heavy Industry: The Low-Carbon Transition of Canada’s Emission-Intensive […]

CIAC tells Transportation Minister to not pick winners and losers

Chemistry sector impacted by rail service issues, Globe and Mail In an article published March 22, Bob Masterson, President and CEO of the CIAC, expressed concern on how inadequate rail service in Canada has recently disrupted production at 13 plants. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, a backlog at two major railways, Canadian Pacific Railway and […]

Ottawa should leave the carbon-pricing regulations to the provinces, says CIAC

Ottawa to levy tax against polluting industries in non-compliant provinces under planned carbon-pricing regime In response to the Liberal government tabling the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, Bob Masterson, President and CEO of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC), told the Globe and Mail in an article published March 28 that Ottawa should let […]

Chemistry sector leads the way in supporting Alberta’s economic diversification

After a tough few years following the global downturn in oil prices, numerous economic indicators now predict that Alberta is set to have one of the fastest growing provincial economies in Canada in 2018. At CIAC, we are very pleased with the recent measures the provincial government has taken to help push Alberta’s economic recovery […]

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