The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada welcomes the final report of the Rail Freight Service Review Panel, released today by Transport Canada.

CIAC believes that the report’s recommendations, and the additional measures announced by the government – including the proposed timelines, accountability measures and legislation – will establish greater communication and collaboration between Canada’s railways and their customers. In particular, CIAC believes that service contracts are the best approach to achieving both efficient rail systems and competitive manufacturing in Canada.

“The Rail Freight Service Review Panel should be commended for doing an excellent job of identifying the key issues, reflecting stakeholder input, and recommending workable solutions to improve and balance the relationship between railways and their customers,” said Richard Paton, CIAC’s President and CEO.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with our railway partners to address the panel’s recommendations in the coming months.”

While CIAC recognizes that the railways have already made progress in improving service, the implementation of the Rail Freight Service Review Panel’s recommendations will ensure that those improvements are sustainable over the long term.

As Canada’s third largest manufacturing sector, the Canadian chemistry industry is very dependent on the country’s railway system – with over two-thirds of its annual shipments moved by rail.

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