Unnecessary regulatory burden in Ontario adds time, effort, complexity and costs to chemistry sector’s operations.

On May 18, CIAC participated in meeting with the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth’s Open for Business Division, in preparation for the Red Tape Challenge (RTC) chemicals manufacturing consultation. 

At the meeting, Don Fusco, Director, Government and Stakeholder Relations – Ontario, led a discussion session on a list of regulatory burdens for the chemistry industry.  Member representatives described how these burdens cause additional time, effort, complexity and costs to their operations.

The Ministry’s Red Tape Challenge team appreciated CIAC’s comments on the key burdens facing the industry and will engage with partner Ministries to address these comments. 

Kevin Perry, Assistant Deputy Minister said the Ministry values the contribution of the chemical manufacturing sector to the provincial economy and is looking for industry input to reduce unnecessary regulatory burden without sacrificing policy outcomes. He is pleased that the CIAC is taking a proactive approach to the RTC.

While CIAC will submit comments to the RTC reflecting the discussion, the Association strongly urges member-companies to submit their own comments and suggestions during the consultation period (August 1 to September 30, 2017). 

You can view the list of regulatory burdens CIAC discussed at this meeting here.

For more information on the RTC visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/red-tape-challenge