TRANSCAER® thanks companies supporting the new Safety Train project 

Working in partnership with CIAC members and partners, the Railway Association of Canada, and Transport Canada under the Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP), TRANSCAER’s Safety Train project is making good progress. The team has completed detailed drawings, detailed cost estimates and since March has been working to secure enough donations to start the construction phase of the project.  

The TRANSCAER team was pleased to receive nearly $90,000 in donated funds from CIAC members and industry partners to date. Donations are greatly appreciated and will allow TRANSCAER to provide communities and first responders across Canada with hands-on learning experiences using the new Safety Train once complete. CIAC and the TRANSCAER team look forward to sharing more details on how project donors will be recognized in 2023. 

The team is planning to launch the new Safety Train in 2023. Upon completion, the new training tank car will embark on a cross-country tour, making stops in communities where dangerous goods travel, to raise awareness about rail safety and emergency response for transportation incidents involving dangerous goods. 

Thank you to the 2022 donors to the TRANSCAER Safety Train! 

NOVA Chemicals  
ERCO Worldwide  
National Silicates  
Northwest Tanklines  
CCC Sulphur  
Canadian Fuels Association  
Emergency Response Assistance Canada  
Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Alliance  
Railway Association of Canada  

The TRANSCAER team is still looking to secure donated funds and materials to support the development of the new Safety Train. For more information or to donate, please contact Kristina Adler