TRANSCAER® launches new awards program

TRANSCAER® announces the launch of its new awards program recognizing people involved in the initiative for their achievements

“Since so many of the people involved in TRANSCAER® are in a volunteer role, it’s nice that we get a chance to recognize them for going above and beyond,” said Kara Edwards, Coordinator of the National TRANSCAER® Committee and Director, Transportation at the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC).

TRANSCAER® stakeholders can nominate someone who has demonstrated exceptional dedication to the program in one of three categories: the “Distinguished Service Award,” “National Achievement Award,” and “Regional Achievement Award.” The program was officially launched on December 4 and will accept applications for 2017 recipients until February 28, 2018.

Edwards and the executive committee members will review the nominations after the February deadline and announce the winners in the second quarter of 2018. While there may be multiple winners selected from the Regional and National awards categories only one winner will be selected for the Distinguished Service Award.

According to Edwards, the program was inspired by a similar TRANSCAER® recognition program in the U.S.

“One of the greatest things for our program is the actual physical award – we have special challenge coins that are going to be made just for the recipients of these awards,” she added.

Randy Mak, Prairie Region and National TRANSCAER® Chair, worked with Edwards to establish the awards program.

“There are a number of people who work very hard to keep TRANSCAER® going. It’s so vital to transportation safety to be out there teaching all our first responders about this,” Mak said. “This awards program is a little something to recognize them.”

“There have been a couple of really good initiatives over the last few years. We’d like to see nominations for some of those people that worked so hard to make them happen,” he said.

To view the criteria and access the nominations and links to the awards, click here: