TRANSCAER launches a new virtual reality learning tool

Working in partnership with Transport Canada’s Rail Safety Improvement Program, CIAC has developed virtual reality tools to support TRANSCAER outreach efforts. TRANSCAER’s virtual reality tour offers a 360° view of the retired CCPX 911 training tank car, providing first responders with familiarization and awareness of railway equipment, emergency response, safety procedures, and the transportation of dangerous goods. 

In conjunction with Rail Safety Week 2021, TRANSCAER was pleased to launch a new web-based virtual reality tool that is now accessible on

The bilingual virtual reality tool will allow TRANSCAER to reach more communities and first responders across Canada than ever before. The self-guided virtual reality experience gives first responders, municipal officials, and community residents the flexibility to access this tool on demand from their laptop, smart phone, or desktop computer. 

Stay tuned for more information on additional virtual learning opportunities coming soon!