Operation Clean Sweep

Dedicated to eliminating plastic pollution from the world’s waterways

Plastic products have changed the world and we rely on them every day to deliver significant social, environmental and economic benefits, including energy and resource savings, consumer protection and innovations that improve health care, reduce food spoilage and improve quality of life.

Plastics in the Environment

Pellets, flakes, and powder loss are issues the plastics sector hold as its top priority. Because plastics are so prevalent in our lives, it’s the responsibility of industry and individuals to use and dispose of plastic pollution properly. While plastics don’t belong in the environment, plastic pollution has become part of the larger overall problem of litter in our oceans and waterways.

Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is an international program designed to achieve zero pellet, flake and powder loss and the potential introduction of pellets to the marine environment where they create both a litter problem and a threat to sea life and wild life. The goal of OCS is to help each segment of our industry including resin producers, transporters, bulk terminal operators and plastics processors take the steps necessary to improve containment practices towards achieving zero pellet, flake and power loss.

OCS Pledge: Our Commitment to Eliminating Plastic Pollution from the Environment

Partner companies of the OCS program make a pledge which shows their commitment to the environment and gives you access to resources and support from the OCS team to help implement the standards set by the program.

Other supporters are organizations (for-profit or non-profit companies; incorporated trade associations; and unincorporated coalitions) that may not qualify for partnership (i.e., do not manufacture or handle resin pellets) but support the efforts of OCS to prevent plastic pollution in the environment. Supporters play a crucial part in helping to spread the word about responsible plastic production and plastic pollution management. We encourage you to read the pledge and sign if you support the OCS program.

AS Composite Inc.
Acorn Packaging Inc.
Alta Injection Molding
Alte-Rego Corp.
Ampacet Canada
Applied Plastics
Atlantic Packaging
Balcan Plastics Ltd.
Baywood Enterprises
Bemis Co. Inc.
Blue Mountain Plastics
CCC Plastics
CKF Inc.
Clean Farms
CMP Plastics
Canadian National Railway
Canuck Compunders
Cascades Inopak
Chantler Packaging
Colortech Inc.
Cosella Dorken
Covertech Fabricating
Curtis Construction Ltd.
Direct Plastics Ltd.
Dolco Packaging
Drader Mfg.
E.I.Dupont Canada
Emerson Packaging
Enviroplast Inc.
Erema NA
Exact-A-Line Gasket
Extruflex Inc.
Exxel Polymers Inc.
Farnell Packaging
Flint Group
Foampak Inc.
Gizeh Packaging
Gorski Bulk Transport
Hamelin Enterprises
Haremar Plastics
Hilex Poly
Hood Packaging
Hymopack Ltd.
IPEX Manafement Inc.
IPL Inc.
Ice River Springs
Ingenia Polymers
Ingredion Canada
International Bulk Services
Intertape Polymers

J.A.S. Industriel Service & Repair
Katoen Natie Edmonton
Kwik Badit
Layfield Poly Films
Les Compounds Felix
Les Products Plastique Qualipak
Malpack Ltd.
Masterlys Training
Mitchell Lincoln Ltee
Mitten Inc.
Multipak Ltee.
Nam polymers
Nestle Waters Canada
Novus Packaging
Novik Inc.
Nuform Building Tech.
Packall Packaging
Pal Plastics Inc.
Pano Cap Canada
Par-Pak Ltd.
Performance Packaging
Piovan Canada Ltd.
Plas Tech Fabrications
Plastipak Industries Ltee.
Polar Plastique Ltee.
Poly Expert
PolyCycle Environmental Inc.
Polyform Ltd.
Polymer Recycle Inc.
PolyOne Canada
Polyrheo Inc.
Polystyrene Recycle Plus
Polystyvert Inc.
Polytainers Inc.
Premier Poly Products
Pro Western Plastics

Quadra Plast Inc.
Ray-mont Logistics
RW Packaging
Reliance Products Ltd.
ReVenuvo Composities
Rotogran International
Sanwil Distribution
STP Rotomachinerie Inc.
Sceptor Corp.
Seaplast Americas Inc.
Selenis Canada
Sigma Stretch Canada
Simplas Inc.
Sonwil Distribution
Styron LLC
Sushrut Polymers
Tech Blend S.E.C.
Teledyne Varisystems
The Injection Depot
Trademark Plastics Corp.
Transcare Logistics Corp.
Troy Dualam Inc.
Vancore Plastic Packaging
Vallee de la Plasturgie
Valley Acrylic
Vi-Lux Mouldings Inc.
Vintex Inc.
Vision Extrusions
W Amsler Equipment
W. Ralston Inc.
Waveform Plastics Tech.
WEGU Manufacturing Inc.
Westbridge Containers

Dow Chemical
Imperial Oil
Nova Chemical

Federations des plastique et alliances composites
Vallee de la Plasturgie
911 Innovations
Classic Essentials in Moulding
Envision Recycling
KK3 Plastics
Southwest Bindings
New Wave Composites
North Bay Plastic Molders

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