Advanced Recycling White Paper: Seizing the Circular Plastics Opportunity

Our modern way of life would not be possible without plastics. However, better post-use management of plastic products is required, and we need to move to a circular economy for plastics that recognizes plastics as a resource or feedstock, not a waste. This will require simpler product design, improved sortation facilities and mechanical recycling technologies across the country, and harmonized recycling systems across provinces. This will allow plastics to be collected at a scale that makes it possible for industry to turn these items into new products.

In addition, many Canadian companies are leading the way on research into advanced recycling. These new technologies transform plastic products back into their basic molecules, allowing the production of new resins, pellets, and plastic products that will continuously recirculate in the economy. Investing in plastics recycling infrastructure and technology will increase the availability and use of recycled plastics in products. Given recycled plastic resins have a lower environmental footprint than virgin resins, it will also increase the availability of made-in-Canada low-carbon products, providing an important trade advantage.

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