Plast-EX 2021 Taking Place Nov. 9 -11

November is quickly approaching, which means it’s almost time for PLAST-EX 2021 in Toronto.

Ontario’s only event dedicated to plastics is taking place Nov. 9 – 11. Through exhibits and presentations, you’ll learn about industry trends, technological innovations, new processes and materials, and how all of these things affect your business. 

Two panels to look out for include:

A Circular Economy for Plastics and its Pivotal Role in a Net-Zero Future – Elena Mantagaris, VP CIAC Plastics Division – Moderator

Plastics are low-cost, lightweight, durable, and easy to customize and process to suit an endless range of applications. Beyond their obvious physical benefits plastics, when managed properly, will play a key role in helping other sectors and industries reach their own emissions goals. From renewable energy and automotive vehicles to energy-efficient buildings and versatile food packaging, plastics are a lynchpin to ensuring a sustainable, clean environment and a thriving Canadian economy. In this panel session, stakeholders from across the plastics value chain will discuss plastics’ unique role in a low-carbon future. By investing in advanced recycling technologies, harmonizing recycling systems, and through collaboration with all levels of governments and other stakeholders, a Circular Economy for Plastics is not only possible but the right way forward for Canada and a key to reaching net-zero emissions.  

Topics including:
• Recent developments in governmental policy related to plastics and managing plastic waste
• Advanced recycling and the need for further investment
• Decarbonizing the plastics value chain through technology innovations
• Designing polymers for Functionality and Circularity

Strengthening Canada’s Manufacturing Sector: What’s Next – Bob Masterson, President and CEO, CIAC – Panelist

Canada’s manufacturing sector is filled with highly-skilled and high-tech workers, serving food, automotive, aerospace, transportation, and chemical industries. Join executives from leading Canadian associations as they talk about the changing face of manufacturing, post-pandemic, the government’s role in supporting a competitive business environment with lower taxes and trade-friendly agreements, and the role of leading companies in rejuvenating the industry as we move into 2022. Topics include:

• The government’s role in R&D funding
• New technologies driving innovation
• Labour challenges as a result of the availability of workers, and the transition to advanced manufacturing processes

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