Alberta Circular Plastics Day

Join the Alberta Plastics Recycling Association for a one-day conference focused on the future of plastics circularity in Alberta. You will hear from innovators, government representatives, recyclers and plastics manufacturers on the latest advancements in the industry. Join the discussion with other solution-oriented attendees.

Barriers to a Circular Economy – Detours and Potholes

In this session, a group of experts will review and explain the most common barriers to the advancement of a circular economy. Recyclers Tony Moucahen from Merlin Plastics and Kevin Kernaghan from Polycyle will talk about the technical challenges of processing material and securing reliable end markets for recycled content (PCR) while Ronald Kumar from Orion Plastics will share information about their success in using PCR in their St. Albert operation. Anna Rajkovic from NOVA Chemicals will speak on the projects they have advanced around design for recyclability, and developing packaging that incorporates recycled content. Christa Seaman from the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) will discuss how their project has tried to tackle the barriers of investing in technology and innovation by de-risking those investments. The group will talk about these barriers and suggest some opportunities or solutions to explore as we forge ahead on the road to circularity.

Moderator and panelist: Christa Seaman, Acting Vice President, Plastics, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada
Tony Moucahen, President, Merlin Plastics
Kevin Kernaghan, APRA Board Member, President, PolyCycle
Ronald Kumar, Plant Manager, Orion Plastics
Anna Rajkovic, Circular Economy Market Manager, NOVA Chemicals
Allen Langdon, CEO, Circular Materials

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