Dow Partners with Green Learning to offer Circular Economy Education Program

With financial support from Dow Canada, GreenLearning has launched a new activity to help students explore solutions to waste pollution, with a focus on plastics.

Using a circular economic model, students are encouraged to apply a remake, reuse and recycle model in creating an entirely new product from recycled materials. GreenLearning’s Make & Remake Activity, engages youth as leaders in a circular economy to help make an impact by taking something made out of plastic and instead of discarding it, turn it into something useful. The activity is aimed at grades 4-12 and will develop their critical-thinking, creativity, communication and entrepreneurship skills towards building a sustainable economy. It also has links to subjects such as science, life-management skills, social studies and business.

As a result of participating in the activity, students will:

  • Understand the concept, as well as the environmental and economic benefits of a circular economy.
  • Have a heightened understanding of waste management.
  • Understand the personal actions they can take to support a circular economy and reduce waste.
  • Learn about the framework and model for designing, creating and manufacturing products using recycled materials.
  • Develop creativity and STEM skills as they design products from recycled materials

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