Construction on the new TRANSCAER Tank Car Begins in Summer 2021

Since the retirement of the CCPX 911 tank car in 2018 due to an irreparable crack, TRANSCAER members and partners have been seeking ways to evolve the safety training program and replace the training tank car. Working in partnership with CIAC members and partners, the Railway Association of Canada, and Transport Canada under the Rail Safety Improvement Program (RSIP), development of the new TRANSCAER training car is currently under way.

In 2020, GATX donated a railway tank car that will be converted into TRANSCAER’s new safety training tank car, this was a crucial step in enabling TRANSCAER to restore its capacity to deliver hands-on training. Following the securement of the tank car, a project committee was assembled, consisting of CIAC and TRANSCAER members and partners with expertise in areas relating to tank car design, engineering, and equipment procurement to support this exciting project. The committee has made progress on the design of the tank car including identifying the valve arrangements that will be used, producing preliminary drawings of the tank car, and working to procure parts and material. The team has recently coordinated the movement of the tank car to GATX’s shop in Red Deer, Alberta where construction on the tank car will begin in the coming weeks.

Upon completion, the new training tank car will embark on a cross-country tour, making stops in communities where dangerous good travel, raising awareness about rail safety and emergency response for transportation incidents involving dangerous goods. By travelling to communities, TRANSCAER will continue to establish partnerships between manufacturers, distributors, carriers, emergency responders, government agencies and residents – an important first step in preparing for any transportation emergency.

For more information on donating materials for the outfitting of the TRANSCAER tank car, please contact Kristina Adler.