Construction of the new TRANSCAER® Safety Train has begun!

The TRANSCAER® team is pleased to share that construction of the new TRANSCAER® Safety Train is now underway.

Construction began in July and the team is making great progress. Access doors have been cut and the top of the tank car is being prepared for the fittings and platforms. As parts begin to arrive at the shop, the team will soon start applying the valves and fittings on the tank car.

Upon completion, the new training tank car will embark on a cross-country tour, making stops in communities where dangerous goods travel, raising awareness about rail safety and emergency response for transportation incidents involving dangerous goods.

This project has been made possible with funding received under Transport Canada’s Rail Safety Improvement Program and the generous donations of CIAC members and partners and industry stakeholders. For more information or to support this project, please contact Kristina Adler.