CIAC welcomes new associate member Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd.

The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) is pleased to announce the addition of a new associate member: Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd (TFC), a market-driven and technology-based company serving customers throughout the world with innovative fluid sealing products.

Based in Belleville, Ontario, TFC serves a wide range of end user customers whose success depends on the reliable performance of their equipment and piping systems. “Triangle Fluid Controls is happy to be working with CIAC members in sharing our unique knowledge of global chemical industry fluid sealing best practices to improve safety and reduce leaks and fugitive emissions in process piping and containment applications,” says Mike Shorts, TFC’s president.

“TFC brings a level of expertise in leak prevention that will benefit all of CIAC’s membership,” says Luc Robitaille, CIAC’s VP of Responsible Care®. “We hope that Triangle Fluid’s manufacturing operations will also benefit from CIAC’s advocacy, expert networks and access to its best practices toolbox.”

TFC has gleaned years of process safety experience from working with the world’s chemistry, rail, petroleum, processing, and manufacturing industries. They prioritize the health and safety of their natural and work environments and the communities in which they live by continually striving to design and manufacture products with the tightest sealing capabilities available on the market. Their commitment to maximizing the sealability of their sealing products has helped make the industries they serve more sustainable, safe and profitable.

Recognizing the role that Responsible Care® has in reducing health, safety and process safety incident rates, CIAC appreciates the knowledge and expertise that our associate members, such as TFC, bring to all our members and partners.

Please join us in welcoming them to the CIAC family!