CIAC Responds to Alberta Government’s Natural Gas Vision and Strategy

The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) is pleased to support the Government of Alberta’s recently announced Natural Gas Vision and Strategy. Industrial chemicals and plastics are critical elements of the natural gas value chain. Alberta’s $12 billion chemistry industry creates jobs, supports economic diversity, and adds value to this province’s natural resources.

CIAC, through its Plastics Division, speaks for plastics manufacturers representing the value chain from resin producers and raw material suppliers to processors, recyclers, and brand owners. Alberta ‘s low cost, low carbon and abundant natural gas liquids make it a global player in plastics chemistries. This Strategy positions the industry for further growth. With that growth, however, comes a responsibility for tackling the problem of plastic waste. Alberta’s commitment to becoming a continental centre of excellence in the circular economy firmly acknowledges that responsibility. It is an innovative approach that allows us to get maximum value from plastics resources by recovering and reusing them while eliminating plastic waste from the environment.

“The potential for growth in this sector exists in the province and that is good news for Alberta communities and Alberta’s economy,” said Bob Masterson, President and CEO, CIAC. “The Natural Gas Vision and Strategy has set aspirational yet realistic goals that will create new jobs through new capital investment projects.”

The Alberta Government continues to recognize the importance and growth opportunity of Alberta’s largest manufacturing sector by exports. As the largest manufacturing sector by value-added in Alberta, chemical producers use natural gas and natural gas liquids as heat or feedstock and add up to ten times the original value to manufacture industrial chemicals and resins. Alberta has a chance to diversify and build its economy through chemistry and plastics, sectors that have been resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and are poised to see sustained demand continue for the foreseeable future.