CIAC releases its Ontario 2023 Pre-budget Consultation

CIAC applauds the Ontario Government’s recent regulatory efforts, including proposing to remove the restriction on carbon sequestration, rolling out a new digital hazardous waste management program and updating the Emission Performance Standard for the 2023-2030 period. Building on those initiatives, CIAC recommends a coordinated effort to support the transformation of Ontario’s chemistry sector to a circular plastics and net-zero carbon economy in its 2023 Pre-budget Consultation submission. Key recommendations included in the submission include:

  1. Develop an Ontario Action Plan capable of attracting the necessary investments to facilitate Ontario chemistry sector’s transformation to a circular and net-carbon zero economy
  1. Enable Invest Ontario to attract investment
  1. Continue to build on successes of Ontario’s Red Tape Reduction
  1. Advocate for Ontario business interests with the federal government
  1. Establish Ontario as a regional leader in the circular economy

Read more in CIAC’s 2023 Ontario Pre-budget Consultation.