The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) today recognized leaders in Canada’s chemistry industry by presenting its annual Merit and Chairman’s Awards at a celebration in Ottawa.

“These awards recognize individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the work CIAC does on behalf of the industry, who are committed to living the ethics and principles of Responsible Care© – and who play an integral part in the successes the Association celebrates,” says Bob Masterson, President and CEO of CIAC, and “they deserve to be recognized for their efforts.”

The 2016 Award winners are:


  • Shawna Bruce, Public Affairs Manager, Dow Chemical Canada ULC
    Shawna is a true champion of CIAC’s Responsible Care® initiative, seizing every opportunity to share its ethics and principles with Dow employees and communities, and with other manufacturing industries in Canada.  A strong proponent of safety in the industry, Shawna has led several communications and emergency response initiatives; is actively involved in community advisory panels and safety events; and works exceptionally hard to promote the importance of chemistry to our stakeholders.
  • Marty Cove, Manager of Logistics, Canexus Corporation (awarded posthumously) 
    Marty had been a member of CIAC’s Rail Committee since 2009, and Chair of the Committee since 2012.  He worked tirelessly on rail issues on behalf of Canexus, CIAC and the industry as a whole, and spent much of his time crisscrossing the country to participate in Transport Canada meetings and consultations. He firmly believed that the time and sweat equity he invested in the issues, led to positive improvements for his company, and for the broader industry.
  • Pierre Ducharme, Canadian Regional Operations Manager, Olin Chlor Alkali
    Pierre has been a member of CIAC’s Board of Directors for the past 12 years, served on the Executive Committee for three years and has been Vice Chair of the Association since 2015.  In addition, he is involved in almost every other CIAC and Responsible Care committee and initiative in Quebec. He provides leadership and support in helping to raise the visibility and credibility of the Association within the province.
  • Gilles Laurin, Manager, Responsible Care®, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada
    Gilles has been with CIAC for 27 years, and is the first staff member to ever receive a Merit Award.  He has held a number of positions in his career with the Association, and joined the Responsible Care team in 2009. As the backbone of the team, Gilles has excelled at managing many of the initiative’s programs, including Responsible Care verifications, and the Process Safety Committee. In addition, he supports many of CIAC’s activities in Quebec and is well into planning the Chemistry 2017 Conference.


  • John Vincett, President, Public Dialogue Alternatives
    John has been involved in the chemical and petrochemical industry for more than 35 years.  He is an expert communicator who has facilitated CIAC’s National Advisory Panel since its inception. An internationally recognized leader in sustainability, John was instrumental in the revision of Responsible Care and the verification process in 2010-2011, and is credited for helping CIAC to maintain its credibility and reputation as one of the best industry associations in Canada.

The Board of Directors of CIAC congratulate all of the well-deserving award recipients.

The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) is the voice of Canada’s $53 billion chemistry industry and represents more than 50 members and partners across the country. The industry employs 87,500 Canadians and supports another 525,000 jobs in Canada. Members of CIAC are signatories to Responsible Care® – the association’s U.N.-recognized sustainability initiative.