CIAC congratulates Dow Canada on plans to build world’s first net-zero major chemistry facility

The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) congratulates Dow Canada on today’s announcement that it is building the world’s first net-zero carbon emissions ethylene and derivatives complex in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. 

The new brownfield ethylene cracker will triple Dow Canada’s ethylene and polyethylene capacity from Fort Saskatchewan while retrofitting the entire site to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions. This investment decarbonizes approximately 20 per cent of Dow’s global ethylene capacity while growing polyethylene supply by nearly 15 per cent.  

“Achieving net-zero carbon emissions for Canada took a big step forward today. We are thrilled our member has committed to strengthening Alberta and Canada’s economy through this sustainable and highly innovative investment,” said Bob Masterson, president and CEO of CIAC.  “Alberta declared itself open for business with the introduction of the Petrochemicals Diversification Program and it’s Natural Gas Vision and Strategy with a focus on petrochemical development supported by hydrogen and carbon capture and storage infrastructure. Alberta has put itself squarely in a leadership role for the net-zero transformation that is now fully upon the global chemistry sector.”  

Canada’s low-carbon chemistry products are vital to decarbonizing the economy. Advances in key sectors such as green buildings, sustainable transportation, clean energy and sustainable agriculture would be impossible without chemistry and plastics. Todays announcement goes a long way to address sustainability issues associated with plastics. We are also encouraged to see Dow investments in other parts of the world to address advanced recycling of plastics that puts the industry on a path for a truly circular economy for plastics. 

“Dow is truly living up to the Responsible Care® ethic and principles to always strive for more sustainable processes that benefit all of society. Chemistry underpins all the innovation that will help the world reach net-zero, and this gets us closer to that goal. We are extremely proud to be associated with Dow Canada” Masterson said.  

For nearly 40 years, Canada’s chemistry sector has led the journey towards safe, responsible, and sustainable chemical manufacturing through its U.N.-recognized sustainability initiative, Responsible Care. Founded in Canada in 1985, it is now practiced in 73 countries and by 96 of the 100 largest chemical producers in the world. Through Responsible Care, CIAC members are compelled to innovate for safer and greener products and processes, and work to continuously improve their environmental, health and safety performance.