CIAC collaborates with Ontario stakeholders to enhance transportation safety

On Tuesday, March 20, CIAC participated on a multi-industry panel organized by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. The panel also included representatives from the Ontario Trucking Association, Responsible Distribution Canada and the Canadian Fuels Association.

Held in Toronto, the panel was organized in response to concerns from municipal leaders of towns along Ontario’s arterial highway 401 following several high-profile incidents last year – including a multiple vehicle collision on March 14, 2017 involving a transport truck carrying fluorosilicic acid. The goal of the panel and workshop was to help inform an advisory group that has been tasked with identifying potential solutions to improve the safety of transportation of dangerous goods by road, especially in inclement weather.

As leaders in the safe transportation of dangerous goods, CIAC provided insight into current collaborative initiatives underway such as TRANSCAER® and TEAP® III to better inform and enhance the group’s transportation safety recommendations and policies. The workshop was well received by the various stakeholders and speaks to the importance of working collaboratively to find solutions.