Clean drinking water. Life-saving chemotherapy drugs.  Energy efficient homes. Food packaging. Our everyday needs demand chemistry solutions.

Canadian chemistry companies represent a new generation of thinking, with a commitment to providing solutions for Canadians and the world. Today, the industry gathers in Toronto to celebrate existing solutions and highlight how the sector’s innovation will address tomorrow’s challenges.

“We sometimes take it for granted that when we turn the tap on, clean, fresh, safe water comes out,” says Bob Masterson, President and CEO of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada. “Chemicals play a fairly invisible role in our everyday lives; however, it is a critical one. Chemistry makes our lives safer, healthier, smarter and better.”

Chemistry2017 – Solutions4Canadians, the premier learning and networking conference for the chemistry industry and its extended value chain, brings together more than 150 executives, professionals and managers from Canada’s top chemistry companies.

“Most of the efforts to preserve our environment and combat climate change are made possible due to the solutions chemistry has developed,” says Luc Robitaille, CIAC Vice President, Responsible Care®, “and, as an industry, we continuously work towards diminishing our own carbon and environmental footprints through improving processes and technologies.”

However, as Masterson points out, economic and regulatory challenges may present some roadblocks to building a sustainable future.

While the industry employs more than 87,500 Canadian men and women in well-paying jobs, contributes billions to the Canadian economy, and has significantly reduced green house gas emissions on their own, there is a lack of coordinated support from governments in Canada.

“We need coordinated support at both the federal and provincial levels. That’s going to allow us to attract the large-scale foreign investment that will create more jobs, lead to more innovation and directly benefit Canadians and the environment,” Masterson said.

The conference takes place Wednesday and Thursday, April 19-20, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Toronto, Ontario.