Chemistry industry sees manufacturing growth key to economic recovery in Alberta’s Budget 2017

The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) recognizes that during the sustained economic downturn impacting Alberta, the path to balance spending and revenues depends on improved energy pricing and encouraging new growth projects in the province. New value-add manufacturing from all sectors, and specifically the chemistry sector, will help diversify the economy, add value to the province’s resources, and increase Alberta’s revenues.

In Budget 2017, CIAC noted several references of ongoing confidence in recent and projected new investments in the manufacturing sector – including those announced under the province’s Petrochemicals Diversification Program – as crucial components that will help anchor economic recovery in Alberta.

“There are tremendous opportunities ahead of us,” said CIAC President and CEO Bob Masterson, “with a number of potential investments that will help diversify Alberta’s economy, and deliver jobs and economic growth for the province and all Albertans.

“CIAC looks forward to continuing to work with the Alberta government in 2017, and will continue to encourage all levels of government to work together to secure the competitiveness advantages needed to attract new investment.”

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