The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada, along with the Railway Association of Canada and their TRANSCAER® partners are pleased to announce the launch of TRANSCAER’s new website and logo.

Through TRANSCAER®  –  Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response — members and partners work with communities and emergency responders to make sure they are informed about the products moving through their area, and are prepared to respond to potential incidents involving dangerous goods.

The new bilingual website is a resource for users to find everything they need to know about TRANSCAER’s operations in Canada.  It features:

  • a list of TRANSCAER’s members and partners;
  • a list of National TRANSCAER® Committee members;
  • a calendar of national and regional events;
  • links to resources.

“TRANSCAER® is all about building community awareness and the new website will help us do that.” says Randy Mak of Dow Chemical Canada and chair of the National TRANSCAER® Committee.  “And while TRANSCAER® is geared to fire departments and first responders, I’d like to see more public interest – people coming out just to see what goes on.”

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