Bob Masterson touts chemistry sector to the Alberta Chamber of Commerce

Bob Masterson, CIAC President and CEO, spoke on the significant growth potential for the chemistry sector, as well as the challenges and opportunities the sector faces transitioning to a more circular, low carbon economy to the Alberta Chamber of Commerce September 21. 

Speaking virtually to nearly 80 members of the Alberta business community as part of their Tuesday Network Call series, Masterson spoke on the rising global demand for chemistry’s products and the opportunity this presents to Alberta.  

“The industry in Alberta has a bright future. There is sustained demand for your products, they are produced with an energy and greenhouse gas advantage that is second to none globally,” Masterson told the crowd.  

“The industry is taking responsibility for the lifecycle impacts of its products and is committed to a circular economy for plastics. And the sector embraces the challenges of meeting societal expectations through Responsible Care®. The chemistry sector is one that all Albertans should know more about and proudly support.”