Alberta Innovates calls for plastics circular economy projects 

Alberta Innovates is aiming to help create a circular economy for plastics in Alberta and has an open call for proposals under its Bioenergy and Circular Economy portfolio. 

Areas of interest include but are not limited to: 

  • Products reuse, refurbishment, and remanufacturing: any technologies contributing to longer life for plastics products and keeping them in the economy. 
  • Sustainable plastics materials: using alternative materials to produce plastics with lower environmental footprint such as bio-based plastics and composites. 
  • Recycling technologies: open-loop and closed-loop recycling technologies such as mechanical and chemical recycling, and their integration into petrochemical and chemical industries. 
  • Design for circularity: improving design throughout the plastics life cycle to improve recyclability.  
  • Enabling technologies: non-conversion technologies contributing to lifecycle benefits:  
    • Digitalization: digital technologies for improved tracking, automation, robotics.
    • Waste management practices: enhanced sorting, feedstock pre-processing.
  • Knowledge generation: feasibility studies, feedstocks assessment.

Any products fully or partially containing plastics resins are eligible for this funding. Learn more.