CIAC’s annual Alberta Chemistry and Plastics Day highlights industry growth and innovation

CIAC hosted a successful Alberta Chemistry and Plastics Day on June 19 at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton. Over 80 delegates representing industry, academia, government and non-governmental organizations gathered to celebrate Canada’s flourishing chemistry and plastics sectors and engage in open and honest conversation.

The event featured expert panels made up of a cross-section of industry leaders and influencers who discussed key risks and opportunities facing Alberta’s chemistry and plastics’ sector. Here’s a brief overview of the topics covered:

Fireside Chat with CIAC’s National Advisory Panel 

Responsible Care® is guided by input from CIAC’s National Advisory Panel (NAP) —a group of academics, environmental leaders, and community members. The fireside chat provided an overview of the NAP and the role it plays in providing an external, critical perspective on all matters related to the Canadian chemistry industry.


  • Greg Moffatt, CIAC (moderator)
  • Ron Ormson, City of Waterloo
  • Jane Lister, University of British Columbia

TRANSCAER in our communities

The event began with a panel discussion on the Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response (TRANSCAER®) initiative that was launched by CIAC in 1985. Panelists explored how TRANSCAER® informs communities along transportation routes about the products being transported and discussed preparedness and response strategies for incidents involving dangerous goods.


  • Kristina Adler, CIAC (moderator)
  • Scott Legge, Nova Chemicals
  • Scott Croome, Railway Association of Canada

Investment in Chemistry: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow  

One of the key discussions at Alberta Chemistry and Plastics Day focused on the future of Alberta’s chemistry sector, highlighting planned investments totalling over $20 billion. Government and industry leaders discussed economic considerations, regulatory frameworks, the role of government policy and lessons learned from successful projects at various stages of investment.


  • Kai Horsfield, CIAC (moderator) 
  • Mike Burt, Dow Chemicals  
  • Lorraine Royer, Inter Pipeline  
  • Tim Wong, Government of Alberta  

Roadmap to a circular economy for plastics

Alberta has the largest plastic resin sector in Canada. The event delved into Alberta’s role in the circular economy of plastics. Panelists from resin suppliers, product manufacturers, and recyclers examined market dynamics and discussed strategies to meet the province’s goal of becoming a center of excellence for plastics diversion and recycling by 2030.


  • Christa Seaman, CIAC
  • Paul Tas, Nova Chemicals
  • Tony Moucachen, Merlin Plastics

CIAC extends its sincere thanks to all panellists and participants for contributing to the success of the annual Alberta and Plastics Day event. See you next year with more topics for you from the chemistry and plastics industry.