Advocating for modernized excess soil management regulations in Ontario to achieve beneficial use without affecting economic opportunities

In response to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s recent EBR posting relating to excess soil management, on June 15, CIAC submitted comments supporting the concept of beneficial use for excess soil, thereby avoiding waste and reusing soil appropriately.

CIAC’s submission notes that the proposal is a positive contribution for the environment and supports progressive environmental policies of the Government of Ontario. However, as presented, this proposal raises several concerns such as artificially creating waste and negative impacts on critical economic development.

Concerns highlighted in the CIAC submission include the applicability of this proposal to industrial locations given there already exists a regulatory regime to manage soils such as existing Environmental Compliance Approvals to manage soils/wastes. As such, CIAC advocates that industrial facilities be granted an appropriate exemption from the proposal.

The comments and input provided in CIAC’s submission are intended to promote a pragmatic approach to soil handing where our industry faces challenges. As in all submissions, CIAC input is provided in the spirit of continuous improvement and aligned to our Responsible Care® principles, all while supporting the Ministry’s effort to deliver a practical regulatory framework.