About our Industries

Canada’s chemistry and plastics sectors transform raw materials into the building blocks needed to manufacture the 70,000 products that ensure our quality of life. From wind turbines and solar panels, to vehicles and electronics, to textiles, building materials, paper, and pharmaceuticals; chemistry and plastics are vital to our economy and ensuring a safe, high-quality of life for all Canadians while creating some of the lowest GHG-intensive products on the planet.

Chemistry and Plastics at a glance:


Canada’s chemistry and plastics sectors help drive the economy and offer reliable employment for thousands of Canadians. In fact, together chemistry plastics employ a combined 200,00 Canadians.


As Canada’s economy recovers and adapts in a post-pandemic world, Canada’s chemistry and plastics sectors are among the resilient industries leading the national economy. In prosperous times and during a crisis, few industries are as resilient or essential and chemistry and plastics.

The chemistry and plastics sectors add $54 billion to the Canadian economy each year, and with a consistent need for our essential products and further investment on the horizon, chemistry and plastics will continue to support Canadians and lead the economy.

Riding the Rails

The railroad helped make Canada the country it is today and we continue to rely on rail to get products to market. The chemistry industry is especially reliant on rail with approx. 80 per cent of chemistry products travelling by rail and for safety reasons, nearly 95 per cent of industrial chemicals are shipped by rail.

It takes three transport trucks to carry the same amount as a single rail car. Rail cars also avoid repeated stopping and urban areas, making it safer and more efficient to ship by rail.

What We Do

Our close to 200 members are all focused on producing the essential products and the basic building blocks to build these products. In fact, Canadians rely on chemistry and plastics products every day. From the chemicals that ensure safe, clean drinking water, to the plastics that keep your food fresh and tasty, CIAC members made those things happen.

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