2019 National TRANSCAER® Awards

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused countless challenges for people, governments and organizations around the globe. The 2020 TRANCAER® Awards are no different; normally, we would be gathering together to recognize and honour individuals who have reach milestones and made positive impacts on the Transcaer community.

These individuals deserve to be recognized. Today, we’re announcing the names of all the Transcaer award winners and in the following issues of ChemNews we will feature the award-winners so you can get to know them a bit better and why they are so deserving of their respective award. Stay Tuned.

See the 2019 TRANSCAER Award Winners:

  • Carrie Maxim, Site Logistics Team Leader – NOVA Chemicals (Distinguished Service Award)
  • Jeff Stevens, Director Information and Technology – CIAC (National Achievement)
  • Amber Rushton, Community Emergency Management Coordinator- Burlington Fire Department (Regional Achievement)
  • Chris Nicholson, Senior Dangerous Goods Officer – CN (Regional Achievement)
  • Cris Mitchell, Regional Quality Specialist- GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement award)
  • Dave Clarke, Instructor / Captain – Greater Toronto Airports Authority | Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) (Regional Achievement)
  • George Biggs, Senior Railcar Design Engineer – GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Jeff Nee, Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety – GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Jennifer Radbourne, Corporate Account Manager- GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Jim Torres, Railcar Design Engineer- GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Ken Johnson, President – Ken Johnson Trucking (Regional Achievement)
  • Michael Heeringa Dangerous Goods Officer- CN (Regional Achievement)
  • Trina Kautzmann, Tank Trainer Scheduling Manager- GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)
  • Tyler Yates, EHS Manager – GATX Corporation (Regional Achievement)