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CIAC proudly represents Canada’s chemistry and plastics sector leaders: innovators, solution providers, and world-class stewardship pioneers.

Together, our commitment to bettering society, the environment, and the economy is unwavering. We share our members’ stories with decision-makers at the federal and provincial levels to help shape public policy that supports innovation, investment, sustainability, jobs, and the environment.

2021 Responsible Care® Report

For nearly 40 years, Responsible Care® has led the journey towards safe, responsible and sustainable chemical manufacturing. Take a moment and read this interactive report that outlines our members’ accomplishments throughout the 2021 calendar year.

Year in Review 2022

Take a look back at 2022 and read about the challenges, events, and many accomplishments from the chemistry and plastics sector.

Chemistry and Plastics: Solutions4 building a net-zero future

In 2019, the federal government committed to the goal of net-zero emissions for all of Canada by 2050 and in 2020, the Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act came
into force. Achieving this will require chemistry-based solutions, which includes the plastics sector.

Plastics: Key to a Net-Zero Future

Responsibly managed plastic products are sustainable solutions for countless industries: they are integral to energy efficient buildings; lightweight, low emission and electric vehicles; and durable and light food packaging to prevent spoilage and extend shelf life of perishable foods.

Canadian Chemistry by the Numbers

$93 billion

of shipments in chemistry and plastics products in 2021


Reduction in CO2 emissions on an absolute basis since 1992

70 000

products Canadians use every day are made with chemistry and plastics

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