Product Stewardship

Product stewardship is a pillar of Responsible Care®. All CIAC member companies must take responsibility for a product throughout its entire lifecycle by reducing any environmental, health, or safety risks associated with it.

Responsible Distribution®

CIAC has a Responsible Care partnership with Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC). Through this partnership, RDC’s Responsible Distribution initiative is recognized as equivalent to Responsible Care for companies engaged in chemical distribution. Their program governs all aspects of a company's actions as they relate to the distribution of chemicals, chemical products, and chemical services. Responsible Distribution plays a critical role in assisting CIAC member companies in meeting their Responsible Care product stewardship commitments.

What CIAC members are doing to promote product stewardship

Product stewardship is front and centre at all CIAC member companies. Members develop close working relationships with suppliers, distributors, logistics service providers, and customers. They also implement processes to ensure:

  • ongoing evaluation of products, to achieve the most efficient use of resources and to reduce risks associated with raw materials and products;
  • employees and the public know and understand the inherent hazards, risks, and benefits of each of the company's products;
  • customer procedures and equipment are reviewed prior to the first sale and follow-up reviews are conducted on an ongoing basis;
  • sales of chemical products are prohibited unless there is reasonable assurance of the customer or supplier's intent and ability to properly manage those substances; and
  • suppliers' performance is reviewed regularly, to drive continuous improvement throughout the value-chain.

Imperial: preventing unplanned releases

Imperial designs and operates facilities with the objective of preventing unplanned releases from entering the environment and causing adverse effects. They strive for zero spill incidents and take action by:

  • using Imperial’s facility integrity management system (FIMS), which outlines expectations for Integrity programs including spill prevention;
  • performing preventative maintenance and testing critical equipment in accordance with regulatory requirements;
  • utilizing monitoring equipment to detect any events to mitigate the impact of incidents; and
  • building secondary containment such as ditches, ponds, sumps, sewers with pumping mechanisms, or clay pads with berms around production equipment such as wells, processing facilities, product and chemical storage areas.

BASF Canada awarded for its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

BASF Canada was recognized by the Global Compact Network Canada for its outstanding efforts to advance action towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The awards encourage all Canadian organizations to embed the SDGs in their work and highlight some of the amazing progress that has been made towards solving the pressing environmental, social and economic challenges of our time.

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