Responsible Care®

Our Commitment to Sustainability

For more than 30 years, Canada’s chemistry sector has led the journey towards safe, responsible and sustainable chemical manufacturing through its U.N.-recognized sustainability initiative, Responsible Care®. Founded in Canada in 1985, Responsible Care® is now practised in 73 countries and by 96 of the 100 largest chemical producers in the world.

Responsible Care® Principles for Sustainability

We dedicate ourselves, our technology, and our business practices to sustainability – the betterment of society, the environment, and the economy. The Principles of Responsible Care are key to our business success and compel us to:

  • continually work for the improvement of people’s lives and the environment, while striving to do no harm;
  • be accountable and responsive to the public, especially our local communities who have the right to understand the risks and benefits of what we do;
  • take preventive action to protect health and the environment;
  • innovate for safer products and processes that conserve resources, minimize waste and provide enhanced value;
  • engage with our business partners to ensure stewardship and security of our products, services and raw materials throughout their lifecycles;
  • understand and meet expectations for social responsibility;
  • work with all stakeholders for public policy and standards that enhance sustainability, act to advance meaningful and science-based legal requirements and meet or exceed their letter and spirit;
  • promote awareness of Responsible Care, at all levels, demonstrate visible leadership and inspire others to commit to these principles, throughout the chemistry product value chain.

Over the past 34 years, the Responsible Care® initiative has inspired CIAC's members to continuously work to improve their health, safety, and environmental performance – all while delivering essential products Canadians rely on everyday.

Every CIAC member must commit to Responsible Care's rigorous codes and ethic, covering all aspects of the company's business and product lifecycle, leading to safer and more sustainable products and processing.


The key to making Responsible Care work is transparency. Every three years, a verification team visits each CIAC member company to ensure the Responsible Care ethic and management systems are in place. Each verification report is publicly available. To view these reports:


CIAC seeks feedback and guidance on its performance and reporting from the Association's National Advisory Panel and its Environmental Protection Steering Group - a group of representatives from federal and provincial governments, environmental NGOs, academia, and the chemistry industry.

Since 2004, CIAC members have...

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

As part of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), CIAC is committed to accelerating progress towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These sustainability goals are identified throughout the report. For more information, please visit

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