Ineos Canada Partnership

This report documents the observations and conclusions of the independent verification team tasked with conducting a Responsible Care Verification of INEOS Canada Partnership. The verification was undertaken on May 16 & June 20/21, 2018 and included a team visit to the Joffre, Alberta facility. The team also met with a representative of the site’s community advisory panel referred to as JCAP. This was the sixth Responsible Care verification completed for INEOS Canada Partnership. The last verification was completed on May 05 and June 22-23, 2015.

As a result of the examination conducted, the verification team is of the opinion that the Responsible Care Ethic and Principles for Sustainability are guiding company decisions and actions, and that a self-healing management system is in place to drive continual improvement. The verification is completed, and no further involvement is required by the verification team.