CCC energy conservation initatives

  1. Initial problem presented that warranted this new practice.
    Black roof tops, no natural lighting coming into warehouses

  2. Brief explanation/description of the practice. 
    Reviewed options to remedy and decided on a better roofing material, that did not absorb heat (white membrane) and installed skylights in areas of the warehouse that would benefit from day light instead of lighting fixtures.

  3. Resources used to implement this practice 
    Internal H&S Manager to set up hierarchy, management team to assess recognition categories, external resource of “CSI international” to provide a platform for recognition and redemption of various items.
  4. Outcomes of the practice
    1. Benefits of the practice. 
      Maintenance department and external contractors
    2. Limitations of the practice.
      Flat roofing for the white membrane
      Skylights need fall restrictions placed around their perimeter.

      5. Photos 
      a) If possible, provide images of the described practice. 

      b) Provide a short description of each photo. 
      No photo to share

      6. Please send any external documents (pdf or other shareable format), that best present the best practice along with this form at 

      7. Contact Information 
      Name: Ryan Draper
      Title: Environment, Health and Safety Manager
      Telephone Number: 519-669-1332 x124