Responsible Care® In Action

Responsible Care® Delivers Results

In the early 1990s, CIAC began collecting data that clearly showed Responsible Care® was working – a pattern of continuous improvement that is still evident today. Workplace safety has improved dramatically; since 1992, CIAC members have reduced the number of injuries and illnesses at their facilities by 60 per cent. Members have also substantially reduced their environmental footprint – a unit of Canadian chemical product is now manufactured with 87 per cent fewer emissions than in 1992. Today, CIAC member-companies are pushing themselves even further, by finding innovative ways to make their operations more sustainable. Below you’ll find examples of how they’re doing just that.

ERCO Cuts Quebec Plant’s Fossil Fuel Consumption by 94 Per Cent

Photo Courtesy of: ERCO

​ERCO Worldwide has found an innovative way to use manufacturing waste as a fuel source for its Buckingham, Que. plant, while slashing greenhouse gas emissions.

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BASF Recycles Waste Stream into Useful Products

Photo Courtesy of: BASF

​Over the past two decades, BASF Canada’s Cornwall, Ont. plant has directed hundreds of tonnes of manufacturing waste to recycling facilities, where it’s being transformed into useful products.

The Cornwall plant makes plasticizers for the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) industry. The byproducts of the plant’s manufacturing process are filtered and compacted into “filter cakes”, which often contain as much as 50 per cent plasticizer.

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Canexus Secures Community Support for its North Vancouver Upgrades

Photo Courtesy of: Canexus

​In 2010, Canexus Chemicals Canada converted its 50-year-old North Vancouver chlor-alkali facility into a plant with modern, cost-effective and environmentally superior technology. The cost for the upgrade was more than $280 million.

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Dow Chemical Reduces Footprint Through Process Innovation

Photo Courtesy of: Dow

​In 2009, Dow Chemical Canada began using a new foaming agent to manufacture STYROFOAM™ insulation at its Varennes, Que. facility. This new technology produces zero ozone-depleting and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions (which are of concern because they contribute to smog).

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MEGlobal Contributes to Cleaner Air by Reducing VOC Emissions

Photo Courtesy of: MEGlobal

​In 2007, MEGlobal – a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of monoethylene glycol and diethylene glycol – set itself a five-year challenge of achieving zero environmental, health and safety incidents, while substantially reducing its environmental footprint.

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CCC Sulphur Products Cuts SO2 Emissions

Photo Courtesy of: CCC

​CCC Sulphur Products manufactures sulphuric acid, oleum (fuming sulphuric acid) and sodium bisulphite at its Elmira, Ont. plant.

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