Responsible Care® In Action

In the early 1990s, CIAC began collecting data that clearly showed Responsible Care® was working – a pattern of continuous improvement that is still evident today. Workplace safety has improved dramatically; since 1992, CIAC members have reduced the number of injuries and illnesses at their facilities by 60 per cent. Members have also substantially reduced their environmental footprint – a unit of Canadian chemical product is now manufactured with 87 per cent fewer emissions than in 1992. Today, CIAC member-companies are pushing themselves even further, by finding innovative ways to make their operations more sustainable. Below you’ll find examples of how they’re doing just that.

Building a Culture of Safety at MEGlobal

As a Responsible Care® company, safety is something MEGlobal has embedded in its corporate culture. And it has paid off. In 2014, the company was recognized by the Industrial Occupational Safety and Health Council (IOSH) for its outstanding safety record at its Fort Saskatchewan and Prentiss Alberta facilities.

For the fourth year in a row, the world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of ethylene glycol received IOSH’s Best Performer (Site) Award - Class 3 – an award given to companies with the best health and safety performance. (Class 3 represents 125 to 999 employees and a minimum of 250,000 to 2,000,000 safe work hours.)

In 2013, MEGlobal had 873,000 safe work hours at its Alberta facilities – 535,000 safe work hours for contractors and 338,000 safe work hours for MEGlobal employees.  In fact, the company did not have a single recordable safety incident in 2012 or 2013.

“Safety has always been our number one priority. It is part of our business goals – we believe zero is possible and we are always striving for zero (safety) incidents,” said Dale Sandford, MEGlobal’s Environmental, Health and Safety Technician at the Fort Saskatchewan facility.

For MEGLobal, Sandford says the goal is simple. “We want everyone to go home the same way they came to work.”

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