Responsible Care® In Action

In the early 1990s, CIAC began collecting data that clearly showed Responsible Care® was working – a pattern of continuous improvement that is still evident today. Workplace safety has improved dramatically; since 1992, CIAC members have reduced the number of injuries and illnesses at their facilities by 60 per cent. Members have also substantially reduced their environmental footprint – a unit of Canadian chemical product is now manufactured with 87 per cent fewer emissions than in 1992. Today, CIAC member-companies are pushing themselves even further, by finding innovative ways to make their operations more sustainable. Below you’ll find examples of how they’re doing just that.

Evonik Canada’s Award Winning Water Purifying and Waste Reduction Processes

Evonik Canada’s Gibbons, Alberta site has successfully implemented a reverse osmosis (RO) system that has significantly enhanced the facility’s water purification and waste reduction programs – and won the company some awards as a result.

The recent reverse osmosis project helped earn Evonik the GE Water and Process Technologies’ Return On Environment Award – presented to companies that strike a balance between today’s environmental challenges and industrial demands – and the Proof not Promises Award, given to companies that achieve a minimum operational savings of $20,000.

The company’s Gibbons facility produces hydrogen peroxide, a versatile and environmentally friendly chemical used for oxidation reactions, bleaching processes in pulp, paper and textile industries, wastewater treatment, exhaust air treatment and various disinfection applications.

Traditionally, a resin-based ion exchange system is used to purify the water used at the facility. However, Evonik’s new system using RO membranes is not only more cost effective, it’s also a safer way to purify water and reduce waste. By implementing this new system, the company has successfully reduced its water use at the facility by 14,600 m3 annually.

“This project is a great example of Evonik’s approach to responsible operations,” says Mike Barreca, director of production and logistics for Evonik’s Active Oxygens business line in North America. “We are very proud of the Gibbons team for taking a leadership role in Responsible Care® and in environmental excellence.”

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