Members of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) continue to deliver results on environmental stewardship and transparency through their commitment to Responsible Care ® – CIAC’s U.N.–recognized sustainability initiative.

Responsible Care inspires its members to take actions that improve the sustainability of their operations and reduces harm throughout the entire life cycle of their products. Companies have to be transparent about their activities, and allow independent experts and members of the public to verify that they’re living up to the standards set by Responsible Care®. In addition, for more than 20 years, CIAC members have reported their emissions data and advancements in areas such as workplace and transportation safety, community engagement, and waste reduction. The results are publicly available in CIAC’s annual Responsible Care® Progress Report.


Since 1992, CIAC members have:

toxic substances

Significantly reduced the emissions of toxic substances as defined by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.


air quality

Improved air quality by substantially reducing sulphur dioxide emissions.


climate change

Reduced the greenhouse gas emissions through efficiencies in operations.


water quality

Virtually eliminated discharges to water.


resource conservation

Reduced hazardous waste for disposal through innovation.


workplace safety

Worked hard to reduce the number of workplace injuries and illnesses.


process safety

Cut the number of manufacturing process related incidents in half.


community safety

Prepared emergency response plans in place and are equipped to respond to any chemical related incident.


Worked with their supply chains - from supplier to customer - to minimize risks through the entire life cycle of their products.

community dialogue & engagement

Worked with surrounding communities to ensure the public understands the risks, and benefits of their operations and products.

For more information

Luc Robitaille
Vice-President, Responsible Care®

Shannon Watt
Director, Environment and Health Policy

The emissions data published on this website was obtained in cooperation with Environment Canada’s Single Window (SW) online reporting system.  CIAC members report all releases via the association’s National Emissions Reduction Masterplan (NERM) and Environment Canada’s National Pollutants Release Inventory (NPRI).

CIAC seeks feedback and guidance on its performance and reporting from the association’s National Advisory Panel and its Environmental Protection Steering Group (a group of representatives from federal and provincial governments, environmental ENGOs, academia and the chemistry industry.