National Advisory Panel - Meeting Minutes

Responsible Care® is guided by input from CIAC’s National Advisory Panel – a group of academics, environmental leaders and community members who provide an external, critical perspective on all matters related to the Canadian chemistry industry. The panel meets twice a year, allowing for continuous dialogue between CIAC, its members, and these key thought-leaders and opinion-shapers.

National Advisory Panel - Meeting Minutes, October 2011

Meeting Date: October 18 2011

  1. Introductions
  2. CIAC Water Use Metrics
  3. CIAC Position on Shale Gas
  4. Corporate Sustainability at Stepan
  5. Nexen Shale Gas Overview
  6. Responsible Care Expectations for Business Partners
  7. CIAC Update

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National Advisory Panel - Meeting Minutes, May 2011

Meeting Date: May 02 2011

  1. CIAC Update
  2. Triennial Planning Process
  3. Brief Update on Elmira Planning Issue
  4. Making Sustainability Principles Real in Industry
  5. Measurement and Reporting
  6. Sustainability and Risk Management
  7. Sarnia Alerting System
  8. Visibility of Responsible Care
  9. Shale Gas
  10. Panel News

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