National Advisory Panel –– Challenge Letters

Responsible Care® is guided by input from CIAC’s National Advisory Panel – a group of academics, environmental leaders and community members who provide an external, critical perspective on all matters related to the Canadian chemistry industry. The panel meets twice a year, allowing for continuous dialogue between CIAC, its members, and these key thought-leaders and opinion-shapers.

Panel Letter to CIAC 2012

Many of the previous challenges have been incorporated into the evolving Responsible Care initiative, and we encourage you to continue to implement them as resources and circumstances permit.

In this letter, we make three additional points, which will be elaborated on:

  • The transition of Responsible Care from a number of codes to a streamlined version has been successful, although we will continue to have a few suggestions for further refinement.
  • The central need of Responsible Care currently is to extend its reach visibility.
  • We identify a short “to do” list of activities that we believe the industry should adopt as priorities during the 2012-15 triennial period.

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