How Responsible Care® Works

The Ethics and Principles for Sustainability are the bedrock of Responsible Care®. The most senior executive of each Chemistry Industry Association of Canada member-company must renew his or her corporate commitment to these principles annually.

But making a commitment is one thing. How is Responsible Care® actually put into practice?

The Responsible Care® Codes outline what a company must do to live up to the Ethic and Principles for Sustainability. CIAC member-companies are required to have a robust management system that drives continuous improvement towards meeting the codes.

Next, verification teams – made up of public advocates, industry experts and local community representatives – visit CIAC companies every three years to ensure that the Responsible Care® ethic and management systems are in place. CIAC also publishes data on its members’ emissions and wastes, employee injuries and illnesses, and process-related and transportation incidents, to encourage continuous improvement.

Finally, a National Advisory Panel – made up of activists, advocates and academics – advises CIAC on how to understand and exceed the public's expectations through Responsible Care®.